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| align="center" | WWK || align="center" | [[File:mtgo.gif]] || Worldwake
| align="center" | WWK || align="center" | [[File:mtgo.gif]] || Worldwake
| align="center" | WMED || align="center" |  || War of the Spark Mythic Edition
| align="center" | XLN || align="center" |  || Ixalan
| align="center" | XLN || align="center" |  || Ixalan

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MTG Studio supports all legal Magic: the Gathering editions since the first Alpha edition.

Previous versions of MTG Studio supported also some Unofficial sets compiled by Magic fans and enthusiasts. Since version 1.1 MTG Studio does not support those editions.

All editions marked with the MTG Online Mtgo.gif icon are available for editing with MTG Studio in MTG Online formats (both binary DEC and text TXT).

Mark that MTG Online itself does not support all legal formats. In the future Wizards of the Coast can add support for them.

Abbreviation MTGO Support Edition
10E Mtgo.gif 10-th Edition
4E Mtgo.gif 4-th Edition
5E Mtgo.gif 5-th Edition
6E 6-th Edition
69 Mtgo.gif 6x9 Cards:

Arena - Arena 1997-1 Radiant

1997-2 Harvest

1998-3 Winter

1998-2 Spring

1998-3 Harvest

1999-1 Winter

1999-2 Spring Duelist - Duelist Media Inserts

7E Mtgo.gif 7-th Edition
8E Mtgo.gif 8-th Edition
9E Mtgo.gif 9-th Edition
A Mtgo.gif Alpha
A25 Masters 25
AA Alternate Art:

5E - Fifth Edition

6E - Sixth Edition

7E - Seventh Edition

8E - Eighth Edition

9E - Ninth Edition

CSP - Coldsnap Theme Decks

Demogame - Demogame

DS - Darksteel

IN - Invasion

OD - Odyssey

P2 - Portal Second Age

PS - Planeshift

PT - Portal

PY - Prophecy

Unhinged - Unhinged Foil

US - Urza's Saga

VI - Visions

6E - Sixth Edition

MI - Mirage

P2 - Portal Second Age

P3 - Portal Three Kingdoms

PT - Portal

TE - Tempest

US - Urza's Saga

AER Aether Revolt
AKH Amonkhet
AL Mtgo.gif Alliances
ALA Mtgo.gif Shards of Alara
AN Mtgo.gif Arabian Nights
AP Mtgo.gif Apocalypse
AQ Mtgo.gif Antiquities
ARB Mtgo.gif Alara Reborn
ARC Archmage
AS Astral
AT Anthologies
AVG Mtgo.gif Ajani VS Nicol Bolas
AVR Mtgo.gif Avacyn Restored
B Mtgo.gif Beta
BBD Battlebond
BD Beatdown
BFZ Mtgo.gif Battle for Zendikar
BNG Mtgo.gif Born of the Gods
BOK Mtgo.gif Betrayers of Kamigawa
BR Battle Royale
BT Box Topper
C13 Mtgo.gif Commander (2013 Edition)
C14 Mtgo.gif Commander 2014
C15 Commander 2015
C16 Commander 2016
C17 Commander 2017
C18 Commander 2018
CED Collector's Edition
CEI Collector's Edition - International
CH Mtgo.gif Chronicles
CM1 Commander's Arsenal
CM2 Commander Anthology Volume II
CMA Commander Anthology
CMD Mtgo.gif Commander
CN2 Conspiracy: Take the Crown
CNS Conspiracy
CON Mtgo.gif Conflux
COK Mtgo.gif Champions of Kamigawa
CSP Mtgo.gif Coldsnap
DC Digital Cards:

Dreamcast - Dreamcast Cards

MTGO Promo - MTG Online Promotional Set

MTGO VG - MTG Online Vanguard

MTGO IN Tokens - MTG Online Invasion Tokens

MTGO OD Tokens - MTG Online Odyssey Tokens

MTGO VG Tokens - MTG Online Vanguard Tokens

MTGO Tokens - MTG Online Tokens

MTGO MR Tokens - MTG Online Mirrodin Tokens

MTGO ON Tokens - MTG Online Onslaught Tokens

MTGO CHK Tokens - MTG Online Champions of Kamigawa Tokens

Shandalar Astral - Shandalar Astral Cards

Shandalar Tokens - Shandalar Tokens

DD3 n/a Duel Decks: Anthology
DDF Mtgo.gif Elspeth VS Tezzeret
DDI Mtgo.gif Venser VS Koth
DDJ Mtgo.gif Izzet VS Golgari
DDK Mtgo.gif Sorin VS Tibalt
DDL Mtgo.gif Heroes VS Monsters
DDM Mtgo.gif Jace VS Vraska
DDN Speed VS Cunning
DDP Zendikar VS Eldrazi
DDQ Blessed VS Cursed
DDR Nissa VS Ob Nixilis
DDS Mind VS Might
DDT Merfolk VS Goblins
DDU Elves VS Inventors
DGM Dragon's Maze
DIS Mtgo.gif Dissension
DK Mtgo.gif The Dark
DKA Mtgo.gif Dark Ascension
DOM Mtgo.gif Dominaria
DM Deckmasters
DPA Mtgo.gif Duels of the Planeswalkers
DRB Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Dragons
DS Mtgo.gif Darksteel
DTK Mtgo.gif Dragons of Tarkir
DVD Mtgo.gif Divine VS Demonic
E01 Archenemy: Nicol Bolas
E02 Explorers of Ixalan
ELD Throne of Eldraine
EMA Mtgo.gif Eternal Masters
EMN Mtgo.gif Eldritch Moon
EVE Mtgo.gif Eventide
EVG Mtgo.gif Elves VS Goblins
EVK Elspeth VS Kiora
EX Mtgo.gif Exodus
EXP Mtgo.gif Zendikar Expedition
FD Mtgo.gif Fifth Dawn
FE Mtgo.gif Fallen Empires
FL Foreign Language:

8E - French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

9E - Russian Ninth Edition

HL - German Homelands

LG - Italian Legends

PLC - Geman Planar Chaos

FTH Face the Hydra
FRF Fate Reforged
FUT Mtgo.gif Future Sight
FVE Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Exiled
FVR Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Relics
FVT Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Twenty
GEA Magic Gear
GK1 Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits
GMED Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition
GNT Game Night
GPT Mtgo.gif Guildpact
GK1 Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits
GRN Guilds of Ravnica
GS1 Global Series: Jiang Yanggu and Mu Yanling
GTC Gatecrash
GVL Mtgo.gif Garruk VS Liliana
HOU Mtgo.gif Hour of Devastation
HL Mtgo.gif Homelands
IA Mtgo.gif Ice Age
IMA Mtgo.gif Iconic Masters
IN Mtgo.gif Invasion
INT Introductory
ISD Mtgo.gif Innistrad
JOU Mtgo.gif Journey into Nyx
JU Mtgo.gif Judgment
JVC Mtgo.gif Jace VS Chandra
KLD Mtgo.gif Kaladesh
KTK Mtgo.gif Khans of Tarkir
LE Mtgo.gif Legions
LG Mtgo.gif Legends
LWN Mtgo.gif Lorwyn
M10 Mtgo.gif Magic 2010
M11 Mtgo.gif Magic 2011
M12 Mtgo.gif Magic 2012
M13 Mtgo.gif Magic 2013
M14 Mtgo.gif Magic 2014
M15 Mtgo.gif Magic 2015
M19 Core Set 2019
M20 Mtgo.gif Core Set 2020
ME2 Mtgo.gif Masters Edition II
ME3 Mtgo.gif Masters Edition III
ME4 Mtgo.gif Masters Edition IV
MBS Mtgo.gif Mirrodin Besieged
MD1 Modern Event Deck 2014
MED Mtgo.gif Masters Edition
MH1 Mtgo.gif Modern Horizons
MI Mtgo.gif Mirage
MM Mtgo.gif Mercadian Masques
MM2 Mtgo.gif Modern Masters 2015 Edition
MM3 Mtgo.gif Modern Masters 2017 Edition
MMA Mtgo.gif Modern Masters
MOR Mtgo.gif Morningtide
MPS Mtgo.gif Amonkhet Invocations
MR Mtgo.gif Mirrodin
MS2 Mtgo.gif Kaladesh Inventions
NE Mtgo.gif Nemesis
NPH Mtgo.gif New Phyrexia
OD Mtgo.gif Odyssey
ON Mtgo.gif Onslaught
ORI Mtgo.gif Magic Origins
OGW Mtgo.gif Oath of Gatewatch
OS 9x12 Cards aka Oversized
P2 Mtgo.gif Portal Second Age
P3 Portal Three Kingdoms
PAC Packs & Boxes
PCA Planechase Anthology
PC2 Mtgo.gif Planechase (2012 Edition)
PCH Mtgo.gif Planechase
PD2 Mtgo.gif Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning
PD3 Mtgo.gif Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
PDS Mtgo.gif Premium Deck Series: Slivers
PSH Mtgo.gif Shadowmoor
PR Mtgo.gif Promotional Cards:

12x18 - 12x18 Jumbo Oversized

2HG - Two-Headed Giant


Arena - Arena League 1999-2007

Armada - Armada Comic Book Media Inserts

BT - Box Topper

Cardz - The Cardz Magazine Media Inserts

Champs - Champs 2006

Coro Coro - Coro Coro Comic Book Media Inserts

DCI - DCI Legend Membership

Duelist - The Duelist Magazine Media Inserts

EURO - European Lands

FNM - Friday Night Magic 2000-2007

Gateway - Gateway 2006

Gotta - Gotta Magazine Media Inserts

Grand Prix - Grand Prix

GURU - Guru Lands

Harper Prism - Harper Prism Book Promos

HH - Happy Holidays 2006-2007

Hobby - Hobby Japan Commemorative Cards

Japan Jr - Japan Junior Tournament Promos

Jr APAC Series - Junior APAC Series

Jr Series - Junior Series

Jr Super Series - Junior Super Series

Judge Gift - Judge Gifts 1999, 2004, 2006

Kartefakt - Kartefakt Magazine Media Inserts

MGD - Magic Game Day

MPR - Magic Player Rewards Promos 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

MPS - Magic Premiere Shop Lands 2006

MSS - Magic Scholarship Series Promos

Online Store - Wizards of the Coast Online Store Promos

Player's Guide - Player's Guide Media Inserts

Pre dd MMMM yyyy - Prerelease Stamped since 2007

Pro Tour - Pro Tour 2007

Redemption - Redemption Program Bonus Cards

Rel - Release Events Promos

Resale - Resale Promos

SM - Summer of Magic Promos 2007

Top Deck - Top Deck Magazine Media Inserts

Unique - Unique cards printed only once

Worlds - Worlds Cards

PS Mtgo.gif Planeshift
PLC Mtgo.gif Planar Chaos
PT Mtgo.gif Portal
PY Prophecy
PVC Mtgo.gif Phyrexia VS The Coalition
R Mtgo.gif Revised
R1 Renaissance (French)
R2 Renaissance (Italian)
R3 Renaissance (German)
RAV Mtgo.gif Ravnica: City of Guilds
RIX Mtgo.gif Rivals of Ixalan
RMED Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition
RNA Mtgo.gif Ravnica Allegiance
ROE Mtgo.gif Rise of the Eldrazi
RTR Mtgo.gif Return to Ravnica
S2 Starter 2000
SC Mtgo.gif Scourge
SH Mtgo.gif Stronghold
SM Summer Magic
SОI Mtgo.gif Shadows over Innistrad
SОK Mtgo.gif Saviors of Kamigawa
SОM Mtgo.gif Scars of Mirrodin
SS1 Signature Spellbook: Jace
SS2 Signature Spellbook: Gideon
ST Starter 1999
TBA Mtgo.gif Knights VS Dragons
TD2 Mirrodin Pure VS New Phyrexia
TE Mtgo.gif Tempest
THS Mtgo.gif Theros
TK Mtgo.gif Tokens:

10E - Tenth Edition Tokens

LRW - Lorwyn Tokens

MPR 2001 - Magic Player Rewards Tokens 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

Unglued - Unglued Tokens

TO Mtgo.gif Torment
TPR Mtgo.gif Tempest Remastered
TSP Mtgo.gif Time Spiral
UGF Ugin's Fate
U Mtgo.gif Unlimited
UD Mtgo.gif Urza's Destiny
UG Unglued
UH Unhinged
UL Mtgo.gif Urza's Legacy
UMA Mtgo.gif Ultimate Masters
US Mtgo.gif Urza's Saga
UST Unstable
V11 Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Legends
V12 Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Realms
V13 Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Twenty
V14 Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Annihilation
V15 Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Angels
V16 Mtgo.gif From the Vault: Lore
V17 From the Vault: Transform
VG Vanguard, MTGO Vanguard
VI Mtgo.gif Visions
VMA Mtgo.gif Vintage Masters
W16 Mtgo.gif Welcome Deck 2016
W17 Mtgo.gif Welcome Deck 2017
WAR Mtgo.gif War of the Spark
WL Mtgo.gif Weatherlight
WWK Mtgo.gif Worldwake
WMED War of the Spark Mythic Edition
XLN Ixalan
ZEN Mtgo.gif Zendikar

Unsupported Editions:

  • 1997 World Champions
  • 1998 World Champions
  • 1999 Duelist Invitational Sealed
  • 1999 World Champions
  • 2000 MTG Invitational Sealed
  • 2000 World Champions
  • 2001 World Champions
  • 2002 World Champions
  • Dual Lands
  • Employee Cards
  • Land Pack
  • Misprinted - Non-Standard Error Cards
  • MTGO Test Cards
  • Power Nine Reprint
  • Pro Tour New York
  • Promo - 4th
  • Promo - 6th
  • Promo - Urza's Saga
  • Salvat
  • SEGA - Sega Promotional Cards
  • Special Occasion
  • Support - Support Cards
  • Vanguard 2
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