Bug While Adding Duplicates

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Bug While Adding Duplicates

Postby CptDobey » Thu Oct 24, 2019 7:39 am


The way I work, it is adding multiple lines in the Collection instead of increasing the counter of the existing card.

To add cards to my collection from the various Commander products, I do the following:
- open a .DECK files (of one Commander deck)
- Select all the cards from one deck (ctrl-A)
- Right click --> Add to My Collection

When a card already exists in the collection, a window opens and the answers to the question are "Cancel", "No", "No to All", "Yes", "Yes To All".
"Yes to All" is supposed to increase all the counter of all the already existing cards. it does NOT. It is working as if I clicked "No to All".

This behavior (add a new line instead of counter increase) is only happening if i select all the cards in the deck. If I select just few of them, when I add them to the collection and I answer "Yes to all", it is working as intended.
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