Magic Workstation vs. MTG Studio

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Magic Workstation vs. MTG Studio

Postby tutu10 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:57 am

What exactly are the pros and cons to using one over the other? And what is your preference?

I am thinking about purchasing one/both to keep decklists, test decks when i don't have anyone else, and catalogue my cards.
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Re: Magic Workstation vs. MTG Studio

Postby gaddlord » Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:26 am

A feature comparison between MTGS and MWS is available at (please note that it is prepared by us and might be biased).

For me, MWS was the inspiration of creating MTG Studio. Yet MWS was short on software updates and recent years looks like abandoned software. MWS web site stays with copyright from 2017 and the links to card database update site does not work for than a month (mwsgames [dot] com)

The site magicworkstation [dot] com / gamebases [dot] html seems to be also not available.

Their forum page seems to be down as magi-soft [dot] com / forum

Their latest published news is from 28 Sep 2017 regarding Ixalan support.

Yet MWS is having a solo play mode which is nice and not supported by MTG Studio on purpose (due to patent constraints enforced by WotC)

I am curious to hear your feedback.

Gad D Lord (creator of MTG Studio)
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