Small issue I noticed

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Small issue I noticed

Postby Tuxian » Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:41 pm

Not sure if it's been mentioned before or not, but here's something I did notice while working on inputting my collection.

I wanted to add all of an expansion's cards to the collection, so I could see what holes I had. So I selected all the cards in the upper list, clicked "Add to collection". All good so far. Then I went to the bottom pane, selected all the new rows, and hit the "-" key to zero out the cards for each row so I could go back and add them in. But I noticed that the "Market Value" column still holds a value with a 0 quantity line. To zero out the Market Value, I have to individually highlight a row and hit "-" and it clears out. Hope that makes some kind of sense! Thanks for providing such a useful program, I've been needing to inventory my collection for quite a while.
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