Use official Edition abbreviations

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Use official Edition abbreviations

Postby gleavitt » Thu Apr 28, 2016 2:27 pm

Please update Edition abbreviations to use official abbreviations. There are several cases where alternate abbreviations are used. For many older sets, this is presumably because they were assigned before Wizards started assigning official abbreviations to sets (such as when I was assigning 2-letter abbreviation back when I was maintaining the Magic Suitcase software) but there are also more recent examples where a non-official abbreviation is used.

Code: Select all
MTGStudio   Set Name          Official
EVK      Elspeth VS Kiora      DDO
CMA      Commander's Aresenal      CM1
AVN      Ajani VS Nicol Bolas      DDH
FVR      From the Vault: Relics      V10
PVC      Phyrexia VS The Coalition   DDE
PDS      Premium Deck Series: Slivers   H09
GVL      Garruk VS Liliana      DDD
PCH      Planechase         HOP
FVE      From the Vault: Exiled      V09
DVD      Divine VS Demonic      DDC
JVC      Jace VS Chandra         DD2
9E      Ninth Edition         9ED
UH      Unhinged         UNH
COK      Champions of Kamigawa      CHK
FD      Fifth Dawn         5DN
DS      Darksteel         DST
MR      Mirrodin         MRD
8E      Eighth Edition         8ED
SC      Scourge            SCG
LE      Legions            LGN
ON      Onslaught         ONS
JU      Judgment         JUD
TO      Torment            TOR
OD      Odyssey            ODY
DM      Deckmasters         DKM
AP      Apocalypse         APC
7E      Seventh Edition         7ED
PS      Planeshift         PLS
BD      Beatdown         BTD
IN      Invasion         INV
S2      Starter 2000         S00
PY      Prophecy         PCY
NE      Nemesis            NEM
BR      Battle Royale         BRB
MM      Mercasian Masques      MMQ
S1      Starter 1999         S99
UD      Urza's Destiny         UDS
AT      Anthologies         ATH
P3      Portal Threee Kingdoms      PTK
6E      Sixth Edition         6ED
UL      Urza's Legacy         ULG
US      Urza's Saga         USG
UG      Unglued            UGL
EX      Exodus            EXO
P2      Portal Second Age      PO2
SH      Stronghold         STH
TE      Tempest            TMP
WL      Weatherlight         WTH
PT      Portal            POR
5E      Fifth Edition         5ED
VI      Visions            VIS
MV      Multiverse         MLV
MI      Mirage            MIR
AL      Alliances         ALL
INT      Introductory         I2P
HL      Homelands         HML
CH      Chronicles         CHR
IA      Ice Age            ICE
4E      Fourth Edition         4ED
FE      Fallen Empires         FEM
DK      The Dark         DRK
SM      Summer Magic         SUM
LG      Legends            LEG
R      Revised            3ED
AQ      Antiquities         ATQ
AN      Aranian Nights         ARN
U      Unlimited         2ED
B      Beta            LEB
A      Alpha            LEA

The above are all the cases where an official abbreviation conflicts with one being used in MTGStudio.
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Re: Use official Edition abbreviations

Postby gaddlord » Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:24 am

Indeed 2 letter abbreviations had been copied from early versions of Magic Suitcase.

Although I love consistency. This is a bit tricky.

There are already thousands of MTG Studio deck (.deck) files created. Changing the set abbreviation would make lots of the decks invalid unless I come up with a clever upgrade routine during deck opening and transliterate 2-letter to 3-letter codes.

Btw which is the most reliable source for 3-letter abbreviations you use. I personally use:
- mtg sets wiki
- mtg salvation
- wotc product page
- wotc twitter hashtag
- wotc release notes filename which contains the abbreviation
- gatherer expansion symbol image filename which contains the abbreviation
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Re: Use official Edition abbreviations

Postby gleavitt » Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:21 pm

The official abbreviations are always given in the product announcement for the set, but has done a good job of collecting them all in one list if you are interested. With the M15 card boarder redesign, official abbreviations are also now given in the lower left corner of the card (see picture).

Image 'M15' in this example.

I noticed on one of your screenshots, you plan to use KIN for Kaladesh Inventions, but the official abbreviation is MPS. I don't know if this will carry forward to future Masterpiece cards also, so that might get confusing if people want to know which widely released set the masterpiece card was actually distributed in. No different than how promos and tokens are currently handled, however. Image

I think invalidating some older deck lists files is a small price to pay for future proofing the data.
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Re: Use official Edition abbreviations

Postby OldGreen » Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:22 am

I've been struggling with this as well. I want to use MTGS as my canonical souce, but for every other (online/mobile) tool that I want to import to, I have to create a mapping spreadsheet to get the codes correct.
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Re: Use official Edition abbreviations

Postby OldGreen » Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:14 pm

I'm still dealing with this issue. It'd be nice if there was a column with the official TLA, and another with the long name. You could even hide them by default. That way I could export including those columns without having to keep a separate spreadsheet of those values updated for every new product.
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