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MTG Studio has advanced filtering techniques. You have the ability to filter cards in various ways:

by Edition
by card name
by card type
by Rules and Flavor text
by Artist
by card Color, Rarity, Casting Cost, Converted Mana Cost
by Power and/or Toughness
by card Abilities
All these features are accessible in "Filter" dialog box. You can call the Filter dialog box by selecting it from Search | Filter menu or by simply pressing the F3.

Editions from a Format
Though the form has plenty of configuration options, making a powerful filter is easy. Let's give some examples:

1. Let's say we want to view only the Classic (Type I) cards. Just click "Classic (Type 1)" item from Format box and the list of allowed editions will be immediately updated. Your form should look like that:


On the screenshot a custom edition filter is shown. We have filtered the Fifth Dawn, Darksteel, Mirrodin, Scourge, Legions, Onslaught, Judgment editions and fore some reason we have not selected Eight Edition.

Filter by Card Characteristics
Sometimes we need a more specific filter to be applied. Let's say we want to see all red cards which are dragons.
* Go to the second page of the Filter dialog box named Cards.
* In the "Search Fields" group box select the "Type" checkbox
* In the "AND" field type "Dragon
* On the "Color" page of the Additional filters select the "Red" checkbox

Your screen should look like that:


Applying this filter will return approximately 50 cards which are exactly what we want - the red dragons. Note that the fields which are used in the filter criteria become red. This will help you to distinguish which fields are used and which are not when building filter criteria.

Filter with AND, OR, NOT operators
Let's enhance our filter a little and see what AND, OR and NOT fields stand for. Lets say we want the red dragons but we are also interested to see the Hydras in the game. We want to see not all of the Hydras but exactly those Hydra creatures which are not Molten Hydra or Ancient Hydra. To make the things even more specific we will search only the cards which have anything to do with the Shivan Dragons. The filter will look like that:

The generated filter string is: (((((Name contains Dragon) and (Name contains Shivan)) or ((Name contains Hydra))) and ((Name does not contain Molten) and (Name does not contain Ancient)))) and ((Color equals Red))

This is not easy to read or understand. But do not pay attention to that.

Lets take a second look on our form. If we read our selection it will sound like that "Give me the red cards (the Red Color checkbox is selected) whose Card Name (the red color of the Card Name checkbox notifies that we wil search in the card names) contains "Dragon and Shivan" or contain "Hydra" and does not contain "Molten or Ancient".

With operators AND and values Dragon, Shivan we get - Card Name contains 'Dragon' AND 'Shivan'
With operator OR and values Hydra we get - or Card Name contains "Hydra"
With operator NOT and values 'Molten', 'Ancient' we get - and Card Name does NOT contains 'Molten' or 'Ancient'

Note: multiple values are separated with ",".

Additional Filters
Rarity and card type are pretty self-explanatory. But let's look at the "Casting Cost" page. Let's filter the cards which have Converted Casting Cost more or equal to 1 and less than 6. It is easy to achieve that:


Filtering by Power/Toughness is exactly the same as filtering by Casting Cost:


If we select the "Invert" check box the selection for the Toughness will be inverted. Instead of selecting all card which have Toughness equal to 1, all cards whose Toughness is not equal to 1 will be returned.

The same applies for Power and Mana Cost.

If every step till now was correctly accomplished, the filter must have left only one card in your cards grid - Balduvian Hydra.


Advanced Filter
The same result can be achieved in a much more difficult way by using the Advanced filter dialog box:


In this dialog box the logic relations between the filtering criteria can be seen. Use the "Open" and "Save As" buttons to load and save your favorite filters.

Advanced Filter dialog box is available from Search|Advanced Filter command or after clicking "Customize..." in filter bar of the grid.

Filter by Ability
One of the really unique features of MTG Studio is the ability to filter cards by their abilities. Let's say we want to filter all white cards which have the "Flying" and "First Strike" ability.
* From the "Color" page we select the White checkbox
* Goto "Abilities" page and click "Choose". The Abilities form is shown and we select the desired abilities:


* Confirm your choice by pressing OK. The Abilities form is closed and our Filter form will look like that:


Applying the filter will reduce the the cards in the cards grid to: Kjeldoran Skycaptain, Kjeldoran Skyknight, Thunder Spirit and Wild Aesthir.
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