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Directory Structure

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Installation Folders
:folder: C:\Program Files\PalmROOT\MTG Studio x.y.z
This is the main folder where MTG Studio is installed.
By default it is "C:\Program Files\PalmROOT\MTG Studio x.y.z" where "x.y.z" is the version of MTG Studio(for example 1.6.3).
This location of this folder is chosen during the installation process.
Do not modify or delete any file in this folder since this will break the MTG Studio installation.

:file: mtgstudio.exe - This is the MTG Studio main executable file.
:file: mtgstudio_portable.exe - This is the main executable file when MTG Studio is installed as portable.
:file: mtgstudio.hfw - This is the MTG Studio card pool file containing all card definitions.
:file: ImportCollection.csv - Sample collection in Generic CSV file format. Use it to import your collection from other MTG collections/inventories.
:file: Desktop.ini - autogenerated file used to change the folder icon to the default MTG Studio icon (a hand with chopped finger).
:file: MTG Studio on the Web.url - This is a link to the official MTG Studio web page.
:file: MTG Studio Forum.url - This is a link to the MTG Studio support forum.
:file: kicker.exe - auto updater used to check for and install newer version of MTG Studio.
:file: kicker.ini - configuration for the MTG Studio auto updated. Do not amend this file.
:file: libcef.dll - library used by MTG Studio to display the rules panel.
:file: icudt.dll - library used by MTG Studio to display the rules panel.
:file: unins000.exe - uninstaller of MTG Studio. It is best to uninstall MTG Studio from "Add or Remove Programs" in Control Panel.
:file: unins000.dat - file used by the uninstaller. Do not delete this file.
:folder: Locales :file: en-US.pak - configuration file used by MTG Studio to display rules panel.

Configuration Folders
:folder: Root Configuration Folder
The configuration folder is different depending on winch version of Windows you are using.
Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 : C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\MTG Studio\Configuration
Pre Vista: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\MTG Studio
This is the folder where MTG Studio settings are stored.
Username is the Windows username you use.
Lets we assume that we are currently logged in Windows with the username Osvaldo -
in this case the folder for settings will be "C:\Users\Osvaldo\AppData\Roaming\MTG Studio".

:file: mtgstudio.collection - This file stores the user card collection. Regularly make backups of this file since inside the collection of all your cards is stored.
:file: Notes.txt - In this file the MTG Studio user can define custom notes for a card.
:folder: Card Art - This folder and its sub folders contains the scanned card images from various sources and editions.
:folder: My Decks - This folder and its subfolders contains lots of pre-created Magic decks in various formats.
- :folder: Apprentice.Dec - Decks for Apprentice multiplayer.
- :folder: Forge.dck - Decks for Forge
- :folder: MTGO.dec - Magic Online 2.0 decks.
- :folder: MTGO.dek - Magic Online 3.0 decks.
- :folder: MTGO.txt - Magic Online 2.0 and 3.0 decks ix text format.
- :folder: Online Play Table.dck - Decks for Online Play Table.
- :folder: Wagic the Homebrew.txt - Decks for Wagic the Homebrew.
:folder: Configuration - This folder contains the configuration settings of MTG Studio.
- :file: mtgstudio.conf - Options dialog configuration is stored in this file
- :file: mtgstudio.desk - This file stores the look and feel of the main window - position of the various panels, column settings, etc.
- :file: mtgstudio.cardpool.filter - This file stores the latest Card Pool filter settings.
- :file: mtgstudio.collection.filter - This file stores the latest Collection filter settings.
- :file: mtgstudio.deck.filter - This file stores the latest Deck filter settings.
- :file: license.key - MTG Studio active registration file. Do not delete, edit, replace, share this file since your MTG Studio version might stop working.
- :file: mtgstudio.menus - This file stores the user customization of the menus and toolbars.
- :file: mtgstudio.cardpool.notes - This file stores cards from the card pool which are marked as Favorite.
- :file: mtgstudio.prices - cache of batch and online card prices.
- :file: mtgstudio.printer - stored printer preferences. In case you install new printers or remove existing ones you can delete this file and it will be recreated.
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