Request: add a Language column in the collection

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Request: add a Language column in the collection

Postby OldGreen » Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:16 am

Instead of the current system of having a few foreign-language versions of cards having their own entry, there should be a language selector. In the Pool pane there should be a 'current language' drop-down, defaulted to the language of the users OS or MTGS installation. When a card is added, it should populate the Collection with that language specified. If the card already exists in the collection with a different language, it should just add a new row. If it already exists with the same language then the functionality should not change.

Existing cards that are in a foreign language that are suffixed with the language & set (like [LG IT] ) should be replaced with a new row with the appropriate language selected, in this case, Italian.

This would allow for those of us with cards in multiple languages to track which language(s) we own.
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