Notes in card names

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Notes in card names

Postby gleavitt » Sun May 31, 2015 12:25 pm

There are many cases where the database distinguishes between cards in the same set with multiple printings (alternate art or flavor text or some such difference) by including notes in the card name field. This includes basic lands such as "Forest (1)", "Forest (2)", etc. as well as notes used to characterize something special about the card. Tokens are noted for their set, such as "Spirit [AVR] (1)", "Spirit [BOK]", etc. and promo cards are tagged for their source or release date in an inconsistent way.

The problem with this practice is it messes up sorting and grouping, so "Forest", "Forest (1)", and "Forest [6E] (1)" are all grouped separately then any name with a note in it is pushed to the bottom of alphabetical order. When I group my cards by name in alphabetical order and sort those groups by edition, anything with a note in the name is out of place and outside the group it should be a part of. This is a hassle when I inventory my collection.

Could you either move notes to their own field (my preference) or write code in the grouping and sorting function to ignore the bracketed comments in names for purposes of grouping and sorting?

I believe the Name field should only be the name of the card as it is printed on the card. Nothing else. That practice solves all the other problems and a special field for notes about the card still lets you distinguish multiple printings within the set.

Finally, please remove the "[Foil]" comment in every instance where it is used as part of the card name. It is never used in a case where it is necessary to distinguish one card from another since those cases where it is used the card is only printed in foil. Since it is used inconsistently for this purpose, it isn't even useful to filter for foil cards. Just get rid of it. Add a separate field similar to the Foil field in the collection database to note when cards are only available in foil if you really want to note that.
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