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Report cards that you believe might be missing in MTG Studio.

Complete Sets

Postby Moosesjr » Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:36 pm

Is there a reason why pre-release cards, buy-a-box cards, tokens, launch party, and gameday cards are not part of the sets they are from. We should not have a 100% for each set on the report without those items included. Instead of having a promotion folder and a token folder it can be whittled down to just items that were not released with sets. Also why doesn't the FNM cards have their own section instead of being thrown into the Promotional section. The promotional section should just be promotional items that are not part of a normal cycle. I would put FNM promos along with the other cards specifically mentioned as normal cycles because they are given out each month and there are no surprises. The promotional cards should be the comic cards, judge foils and the like.
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