Incorrect Card Art -- M15 Basic Lands

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Incorrect Card Art -- M15 Basic Lands

Postby JonLuke » Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:00 am

Finally wrapping up some very extensive cataloging, and I feel like my money was very well spent. Thank you!!

I did happen to notice that some of the card art displayed for M15 basic lands is mixed up. Obviously not a big deal, but I figured I should let you know.

Plains 1 (250) and Plains 2 (251) are swapped.
Island 1 (254) has the art for Island 2 (255).
Island 2 (255) has the art for Island 4 (257).
Island 4 (257) has the art for Island 1 (254).
Swamp 1 (258) has the art for Swamp 4 (261).
Swamp 2 (259) has the art for Swamp 1 (258).
Swamp 3 (260) has the art for Swamp 2 (259).
Swamp 4 (261) has the art for Swamp 3 (260).
Mountain 2 (263) has the art for Mountain 4 (265).
Mountain 3 (264) has the art for Mountain 2 (263).
Mountain 4 (265) has the art for Mountain 3 (264).
Forest 1 (266) and Forest 4 (269) are swapped.

I'm now also seeing that the actual cards from M15 are only numbered to 269, but are numbered up to 284 in the software.

Thanks again, and keep up your awesome work!
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Re: Incorrect Card Art -- M15 Basic Lands

Postby gleavitt » Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:25 pm

As I've continued to verify my own database project, I've discovered there are actually quite a few instances of this problem throughout the database. Cases where the displayed image doesn't match the database fields. The images and card names appear to be based on the project (a great resource) and linked to their naming scheme ("Forest (1)" = forest1.jpg for the set per structure). Although I'm not a fan the MTG Studio naming scheme, I can relate to why it's been deployed the way it is. I would prefer if names always matched what's actually on the card and some other field (like sequence number or an arbitrary version field) was invoked to differentiate card versions. This is how I am personally approaching the problem, anyway.

I've just been correcting the errors as I discover them, so unfortunately I can't provide a record by record detailed list. I recall many errors in Fallen Empires where the version of the card image was linked to a record listing the wrong artist or the flavor text didn't match for a set but matched some other set where the card was also printed. Over all, not a big deal, and a lot of time would need to be devoted to finding all the errors again. I've basically been going card by card using the images as a the basis to confirm my own data.

I think I can also attribute some of the early set errors to an old Oracle update project for Magic Suitcase and Apprentice I worked on in the early 2000s before I left Magic the first time. I recognize the pattern of placing " ; " between card text lines to make it easier to port data from Suitcase into Apprentice (or more specifically places where I made a typing error by placing '(text); (text)" so it didn't parse correctly when being converted). In those programs, each card Name had only one record and the specific Editions it appeared in were referenced in a single field. This accounts for some of the flavor text errors I've discovered along the way with weird out of place semi-colons as well. This all happened around the Tempest - Invasion block era, and I've discovered card text errors in that time frame where the database text matches the Oracle text of that time frame but not what was actually printed on the card.

I've only made it through Anthologies so far, but I'll start trying to keep track of errors I find if you're interested in addressing them.
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Re: Incorrect Card Art -- M15 Basic Lands

Postby gaddlord » Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:48 pm

I am very interested in your report. Can you please report back any discrepancies you encounter. I will try to work on resolving those.
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