[SOLVED] Error when starting MTGStudio 1.4 terminates it

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[SOLVED] Error when starting MTGStudio 1.4 terminates it

Postby argh74 » Fri Jan 26, 2007 12:57 pm

Just yesterday I downloaded the shareware, installed it and at the last install message window chose the open MTGStudio option. The initial window appears saying it is conecting to the base and loading something, I didn't remember the order neither what was the last loading message.
The "workspace" opened and a dialog appears with something like 'Error: access violation' and 'program terminated'. Clicked Ok and it closed.
I used then the desktop shortcut to open it and after the initial window just showed the dialog message, this time I wrote it down:
Error: Access violation at 0x7947BE72 (tried to write to 0x0FE40F20), program terminated.
Seems the same that appeared the first time but I can't said the numbers were the same. Also another dialog opened with the title MTG Studio and the text JPEG error #53 and an OK button. This window was interactively blocked by the first one and both closed when clicked OK in ther first one.
Third and subsecuent times I started MTGStudio, always using the desktop shortcut opened the initial window, then shows the JPEG error #53 dialog, and then displays the "workspace" window. After clicking a few times testing the tables the error dialog appears again this time changed a bit on number in parenthesis:
Error: Access violation at 0x7947BE72 (tried to write to 0x10B40F20), program terminated.
I just tried to open using the Programs link with same result and then directly from the executable at the MTGStudio directory, same thing.
Seems that when I click on a card info row, sometimes fails completely to load the image, leaving the image space in white. And other times displays the back side with your logo and some stats below, then appears the Access violation error message dialog and closed all after clicking OK. Never showed the right card image.
I am using Windows 2000, I am behind a firewall, last days admin had been restricting many internet sites. Maybe you just need to validate this stuff and show an explicit error message. I searched and tried your software because MTGOnline opens a webpage to register and buy credits that fails to load due to firewall restrictions, but error message says server was not found.
I hope there's a way I could use MTGStudio and update expansions in spite of my firewall restrictions. Maybe if I could download updates with a public internet service provider and then use it to update or reinstall MTGS in my computer. Or maybe if you had an update site without detectable categories or obvious to filter site ip name... Maybe I am just asking too much and maybe you can figure out different solutions to this problem. Either there's a solution or not, thanks for your time on reading and figuring a way to help people in similar situations.
The few things I could see and all the progress said in your homepage makes me appreciate your effort. Keep going.
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Re: Error when starting MTGStudio 1.4 terminates it

Postby gaddlord » Mon Dec 14, 2020 5:28 pm

For the record. Back in time MTG Studio was using a "shield" program that prevented from memory attacks. Many of symptoms described here make me think it was the "shield" that raised that access violation.
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Re: [SOLVED] Error when starting MTGStudio 1.4 terminates it

Postby 898989ss » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:52 am

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