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Feature Comparison

MTG Studio Feature Comparison
This is a list of the features which MTG Studio, Magic Workstation, Apprentice, and MTG Online support.

Supported feature already supported feature
Pending feature a feature which is planned to be supported in future versions

Features by category MTG Studio
Apprentice MTG Online
⋅ Price $29.95 $26.90 Freeware $9.99
⋅ Price for a card copy Free updates Free updates Pay per card
⋅ New versions every 35 days No No On a new set
⋅ The product is active active abandoned abandoned active
⋅ Has Portable version Y
⋅ Localization Y
⋅ Has installer/uninstaller Y Y Y Y
⋅ Installation size 30 MB 12 MB 2 MB 655 MB
⋅ Size on disk 55 MB 18 MB 2 MB 750 MB
⋅ Automatic Update Y Y Y
⋅ Supports custom themes Y Y
Card Pool
⋅ Supports all Magic cards Y
⋅ Comes with all card images Y Y
⋅ Custom Card Notes Y
⋅ Card highlights Y
⋅ Supports Oracle™ rules Y Y Y
⋅ Supports official card errata Y Y
⋅ Can create custom sets Y
⋅ Has complex filter conditions Y Y
⋅ Has Query Builder Y
⋅ Export card pool to various formats Y
⋅ Has set statistics Y Y
⋅ Shows similar cards Y
⋅ Supports a hierarchy of the card abilities Y
⋅ Search by card abilities Y
⋅ Support for card combos Y
⋅ Support for user reviews Y
Supported Deck Formats
⋅ MTG Online III (.dek) Y Y
⋅ MTG Online (.dec) Y Y
⋅ MTG Online (.txt) Y Y
⋅ MTG Studio (.deck) Y
⋅ Magic Workstation (.mwDeck) Y Y
⋅ Online Play Table (.dck) Y
⋅ Wagic the Homebrew (.txt) Y
⋅ Apprentice (.dec) Y Y Y
⋅ Shandalar - Duels of the Planeswalkers (.dck) Y
⋅ Mana Link 2.0 and 3.0 (.dck) Y
⋅ Forge (.dck) Y
⋅ Mana Deck (.dck) Y
⋅ Magic Suitcase (.mdb) Y Y
⋅ MTG Interactive Encyclopedia (.xml) Y
⋅ OCTGN, MTG Play (.xml) Y
⋅ MTG Studio (.tinydeck) Y
⋅ Magic Library (.dec) Y
Deck Editing
⋅ Supports editing multiple decks at a time Y
⋅ Can check deck legality Y Y Y
⋅ Thumbnail preview of the deck Y Y
⋅ Detects deck errors Y
⋅ Allows card flagging Y
⋅ Supports Undo/Redo operations Y
⋅ Has manalyzer Y Y Y
⋅ Has mana curve Y Y Y
⋅ Has mana breakdown Y Y Y
⋅ Has color breakdown Y Y Y
⋅ Has card type breakdown Y Y Y
⋅ Has rarity breakdown Y Y
⋅ Has breakdown by sets Y Y
⋅ Has Power/Toughness analysis Y
⋅ Has Probability Analysis Y Y Y
⋅ Supports George Baxter's Analysis Y Y
⋅ Can check the price of the whole deck Y
⋅ Can print proxy decks Y Y
⋅ Can search for a card in multiple decks Y
⋅ Import from various formats Y
⋅ Can build a list of your paper cards Y Y Y
⋅ Can build a deck from your collection Y Y Y
⋅ Can import from various collection formats Y
⋅ Can check the price of the whole collection Y
Price Lists
⋅ Supports Price Lists Y Y Y
⋅ ABU Games Prices Y
⋅ Magic Traders Prices Y Y
⋅ Online Prices Update from 3900 stores Y
⋅ Can be minimized to tray Y
⋅ Can be protected with password Y
⋅ Can be camouflaged Y
⋅ Can display local card images Y Y
⋅ Can download card images from Internet Y
⋅ Can display Magic Encyclopedia images Y
⋅ Can display cropped images Y Y
⋅ Has Full Screen mode Y Y
⋅ Official DCI deck print sheet Y
⋅ Check deck availability from collecton Y Y
⋅ Missing cards from set Y
⋅ Combos from Collection Y
⋅ Can play against online opponent Y Y Y
⋅ Can check the game rules while playing Y
⋅ Supports Solitaire game Y Y Y
⋅ Play with Apprentice protocol Y
⋅ Can watch a duel Y
⋅ Can replay a duel Y
⋅ Can pause/resume a duel Y
⋅ Can draft online Y
⋅ Can play Emperor Y
Other tools
⋅ Starting Hand Y
⋅ Sealed Deck Generator Y Y Y
⋅ Check card from e-Bay Y
⋅ Read card rules from wizards.com Y
⋅ Read card articles online Y
⋅ Can check for missing card images Y
⋅ Can compare two decks Y
⋅ Can print game-mats, life counters, checklists Y
Total number of features:
69 34 6 29

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