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Faq.png How prices work in MTG Studio?

There are two types of price lists - batch and online:

Batch Price Lists

Batch price lists are a list of thousands of cards and their prices available as a huge file which is imported in MTG Studio. Since those are available "in advance" after being imported they can be used for populating the Price and Market Price columns by taking the average price for non-foil cards.

Batch prices are downloaded from File | Import | Card Prices menu. In order to update the Colelction Price and Marke Price columns use File | Update Prices menu.


  • Those prices can be used automatically to fillin Prices and Market Price columns


  • Since there is no way to prefer one Batch price list over another it puts an average non-foil price tag for you foil cards as well and disregards its condition, set, etc.
  • Unfortunatelly there are not many Batch Lists vendors available on the market. Currently we do support just 2 Batch price list vendors
    • ABU Games
    • and Magic Traders
  • Most of the back price lists do not provide Foil prices or prices for other special cards like Graded, Autographed, etc.
  • The Update Prices process is lengthy and can take hours for a big collection (more than 10 000 cards).

Online Price Lists

Those price lists are available on demand (whenever you select a card). There are more than 70+ online stores which MTG Studio can take prices from.

Those prices are displayed in the Prices tab and also in the Pick Price dialog called when you press "..." button in Buy At and Sell At columns.


  • There are 70+ major price stores to pick from
  • You have full control over the best possible price mathcing the cards quality, set, foilness, autographed or not, graded, etc.


  • You have to assign the best matching price manually for each card one by one from the Buy At and Sell At columns.

eBay Prices

MTG Studio can also look into eBay prices. You have to select a card and then use Online | eBay Sales menu.

Faq.png I have lost my key. Now what?

Send an email to support@mtgstudio.com. Provide details on whose account the key was issued and which email address you provided during the purchasing process.

Faq.png MTG Studio fails to start. What should I do?

1. Restart Windows

2. Check you have write permissions to My Documents folder (or installation folder if running as portable).

3. Check if you are having your Anti-Virus software prevent MTG Studio from starting

4. Add MTG Studio to the [DEP] exclusion list

To configure DEP settings

  • Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.
  • Click the Advanced tab. Then, under Performance, click Settings.
  • Click the Data Execution Prevention tab.
  • Click Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select to select the OptIn policy.
  • Click Add and add MTG Studio you do not want to use DEP with.

5. Run MTG Studio as Administrator

Faq.png I have changed my Clock setting on Windows and now my MTG Studio trial fails to start

Answer: Indeed we have a datetime validation within the trial version. You can restore the trial evaluation by entering a FixClock key.

1. Send an email to support@mtgstudio.com and request for FixClock key

2. You will receive a key in the form of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (e.g. 5F12-E84D-1264-BC80. Note that this key is just a sample which will not work for your PC)

3. run the program as normal and you will see the clock-back error message.

2. hold down the Shift key while clicking the OK button

3. this will call up the FixClock window

4. enter the key provided

5. you will receive a report telling you that the system is fixed.

6. in rare case a reboot of the operating system may be required.

Note that the key provided to you expires in a few days and you must apply it soon.

Faq.png Where my collection file is stored?

Answer: Configuration files are stored in:

Vista onwards:

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\PalmROOT\MTG Studio X.Y.Z\Configuration

This is the folder where MTG Studio settings are stored. Username is the Windows username you use. X.Y.Z. is the version of MTG Studio you are currently using.

Lets we assume that we are currently logged in Windows with the username Osvaldo and you are using MTG Studio 1.6.3, in this case the folder for settings will be "C:\Users\Osvaldo\AppData\Roaming\PalmROOT\MTG Studio 1.6.3".

Prior to Vista: the path is C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\PalmROOT\MTG Studio X.Y.Z

Within this folder the mtgstudio.collection file is stored.

Faq.png If I buy MTG Studio, is this a one-time purchase, or will I have to pay for updates?

Read our Prices and Registration policy.

Faq.png I can't find card quick as in Magic Suitcase or Magic Workstation (in MSC you type card name in 'name' field and it'll go to that record). What should I do?

This was already implemented (version 0.5.2). Just type what you are seeking for in the focused Grid (click on the cards grid and start typing "Terror" for example). It is very simple - try it. Also you can use the Cards | Search | Quick Search function which does pretty the same as MSC and MWS. If you like to have the Quick Search box always visible - press the right mouse button over the toolbar and click "Customize..." find the Quick Search box and drag-and-drop it on the toolbar.

Quick Search.jpg

Faq.png Will MTG Studio support any other Trading Card Game (perhaps Lords of the Ring)?

Currently MTG Studio supports only Magic the Gathering. There are no plans to support other TCG/CCG games in the nearest future.

Faq.png Will there be a Linux, Mac or any other (except Windows) version of MTG Studio?

I decided to develop only Windows version of the product. MTG Studio runs smoothly under Parallels, Virtual Box, and VM Ware on other platforms. If you are interested in a multiplatform solution check out makedeck.com

We also had success running MTG Studio on Mac using CrossOver emulation. Read more at [1].

Faq.png Why B.F.N. card from Unglued edition has mana cost of "BBBBBx3"?

Because the real mana cost of the card is "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB" (15 black mana) and it will not fit into the mana cost column, the mana cost is abbreviated to "BBBBBx3". Other exclusions are Gleemax, Little Girl, Progenitus, and Khalni Hydra.

Faq.png Why my Firewall says that your program is trying to send data to serv.03.dyz?

Way back in time we were using a build in AutoUpdate feature. It checks every time the program is started whether there is a new version of the software available. You should upgrade to the latest MTG Studio.

Faq.png Do I have to import my own card pictures because when I click on a card (other than World Champion) only the back of the card shows up.

The Card Art is missing. We are not allowed to distribute the program with neither full nor cropped images of the cards. The legal copyright for the Card Art belongs to the artists and WOTC. Read Card Art for more details.

Faq.png I want to have the database of MTG Studio. Can I use it?

No. The card pool database of MTG Studio is copyright protected and it is not allowed to use it. We are not selling it as well.

Faq.png What is the background of the project? Was the source code taken from another product? Which one?

MTG Studio is not a recoded, stolen, reversed or decompiled product. Nothing already done (except for some fragments from open-source projects) was used during MTG Studio creation. Of course MTG Studio is a product based on the experience and knowledge gathered while using other Mtg products: Apprentice, Magic Suitcase, Magic Library, MTGO, Magic Workstation, Mindless and many others. Each one of them has its own plusses and minuses. Which one is the best? All of them are good (but have you tried MTG Studio).

Faq.png Why there're duplicated cards? For example I saw 2 Abbey Matron - Abbey Matron (1) and Abbey Matron (2)

These cards are actually not duplicates. It appears that Wizards are printing some cards (which have the same Name, Card Type, P/T, Ruling, Flavor text, Expansion Symbol) with different Card Art from different artists. But never the less, this is not a bug but a feature. Having Abbey Matron (1) and Abbey Matron (2) will allow the people who play MtG in Necromancer multiplayer (currently under heavy development) to pick the favorite Abbey Matron to play with.

Faq.png I have pressed some combination or have clicked on one of the commands; the program is minimized in the tray bar and asks for password.

The default unlocking password is 1234. This is a new feature called "Minimize and Lock". It can be recalled with Shift+Ctrl+L key combination. The password can be changed from View|Options|Passwords dialog box.

Faq.png How to disable the annoying *ding* sound when navigating from one card to another?

If these are starting to annoy you, turn them off by opening Control Panel and selecting the Sounds applet. Scroll down to Windows Explorer where you'll see Start Navigation and Complete Navigation.

Highlight the one you wish to silence and click the drop-down arrow next to the filename (start.wav in the picture below). Scroll up to the top and choose (None). Press OK to save your changes.

Faq.png How to import 1.8.2 collection file in 1.8.3 Beta 3?

1. Backup your 1.8.2 mtgstudio.collection file.

2. Delete your 1.8.3 mtgstudio.collection file. It will be recreated if missing.

3. Start MTG Studio 1.8.3. It will not display any cards under collection

4. From File|Import menu import your 1.8.2 collection file.

Faq.png I am a developer and would like to help MTG Studio. Can I help?

Thank you for your interested in MTG Studio but for the time being you can contribute by beta testing MTG Studio.

MTG Studio is written in the latest version of Delphi. It compiles out of 1 million+ lines of source code. It has some inline Assembly for speed optimizations and some parts of it are written in C++ linked as object files.

MTG Studio is developed by Gad D Lord at PalmROOT, Inc. - a microISV company based in Eastern Europe.

Currently Gad is the only developer and prefers working in a "lone wolf" mode.

You input is quite welcome for feature suggestions, bug reports, etc.

Faq.png Can I run MTG Studio on Mac or Linux?

MTG Studio is developed for Windows only. It is compiled with Delphi under VMWare Fusion in Mac OS X 10.6.2. Which means it is 100% compatible with VM Ware and run flowlessly on Mac OS.

It is reported that MTG Studio does not run under Wine due to some internal Wine issues.

It is reported that MTG Studio runs on Madrake, gOS, Ubuntu without any issues. MTG Studio runs fine under Parallels and Virtual Box as well.

You can read more at Requirements topic.

Faq.png Can you build a MTG Online bot for me?

No. I had such ideas in the past which persihed. A good explanation why is available at our forum.

Faq.png How to upgrade collections prior to 1.8.3 version to 1.8.3 and above?

In MTG Studio the collection file format has been significantly changed. In order to upgrade an old collection please follow those instructions:

  1. Start the new MTG Studio
  2. From File|Import|Collection choose to import MTG Studio collection.
  3. Browse to find your old mtgstudio.collection file. This file is usually stored in your Configuration Foldes Directory Structure#Configuration Folders.
  4. Finish the import process

Faq.png How to fix a broken collection?

  1. Check your collection integrity from Tools|Check Collection Integrity menu (available in version 2.3 and later)
  2. Stop MTG Studio if running
  3. Move your mtgstudio.collection file from your cofiguration folder to drive c:\.

Details on where your configuration folder is are available at http://mtgstudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Directory_Structure

  1. Delete the mtgstudio.collection file from your configuration folder
  2. start MTG Studio
  3. From File|Import|Collection|Previous MTG Studio Collection import your c:\mtgstudio.collection file

Faq.png How to report a MTG Studio crash?

If MTG Studio crashes it will prompt you for sending a bug report to the development team. Please click over the Send Report button.


If you do have a MtgStudioBugReport.txt file in your MTG Studio installation folder you can send it as well.

Faq.png How safe is MTG Studio?

MTG Studio is certified as 100% clean, no spyware, no viruses, no adware software by well recognized software download sites as Softpedia.com, FindMySoftware.com, and SoftDll.com, nfd.com, Softalizer.com, Safe-install.com.

MTG Studio does not track any information about the user or the user's machine.

The only exception to this rule is whenever an exceptional situation occurs MTG Studio will suggest you to send a bug report to the development team. On the window shown you will be able to see all the actual content being sent to us (which may include your machine configuration). The user is given the ability to cancel submitting such report.

Faq.png How to enable Anti-Aliasing (edge smoothing) of the MTG Studio fonts?

This is a Windows setting. Go to Control Panel | Display | Appearance | Effects and for Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts select Clear Type.


Faq.png Why some cards have missing Prices?

MTG Studio's card prices are taken from more than 70 external sources - big online card stores. Most of those stores does not support versioned cards like Forest (3) for example, promo cards, or tokens. MTG Studio works to the best of its effort to have as many prices offered as possible but sometimes simply the data is not sufficient. MTG Studio cannot be held liable for not being able to provide accurate or up to date prices for your cards - it is simple out of our hands.

Faq.png Will MTG Studio have a multiplayer?

No. Due to some legal constraints and Wizards of the Coast patents no one willing to create an electronic simulation of the game is allowed to do so. A single player (aka test mode) can be allowed as long as it does not enforce automatically the rules of the card.

Even though MTG Studio is not having its own multiplayer, you can use it to build decks which are compatible with other popular multiplayer software like MTG Online, Magic Workstation and other.

Faq.png How to use MTG Studio as portable application?

There is a Portable installation of MTG Studio which requires no installation and can be copied over an USB/Flash drive or used from a shared location service such as Dropbox.

Download and unzip MTG Studio portable from http://www.mtgstudio.com/download.aspx

The collection file is stored as mtgstudio.collection in your MTG Studio application folder and will be carried over the USB or Dropbox account.

Read more on what Portable Application is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_application

Faq.png Why my deck quantities are not synched with my collection?

There is a common request/question on why the quantities of a card in deck are not synched with the collection Used column.

There are many reasons for not doing this:

  • You can open more than one deck in MTG Studio
  • Some of the decks may be yours and you would like to synch but some can be simple downloaded from Internet
  • The decks are stored externally of MTG Studio in plain text, XML, or other file formats. If those are modified outside MTG Studio discrepancies in the numbers will appear

Faq.png I received my registration key but it does not unlock my MTG Studio?

MTG Studio registration provider does not handle non-Latin symbols for names (i.e. Ä, ß, ś, etc.). If your registration name contains such accented characters please write to [2] to have a new key issued.

Faq.png What to do when I get "JPEG error #53" error?

This problem occurs when there is a broken downloaded image. For example in your case it should be the Abyssal Prosecutor one.

Please open your Card Art\Wotc folder and delete the jpg files within. (details on where this folder is on your Windows can be read at http://mtgstudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Directory_Structure)

1. Open MTG Studio 2. Choose from the main menu Tools|Open Configuration Folder 3. It will open Windows Explorer. Within the opened folder where should be a subfolder Card Art 4. Within the Card Art folder there should be a Wotc folder 5. Open it and delete all *.jpg files within. 6. Restart MTG Studio

Why this happens? - because your network connectivity sometimes goes down and partially downloaded Jpeg file gets stored on your disk.

Faq.png Is the FAQ page for how to use the MTG Studio forum?

Yes. Navigate to Forum FAQ

Faq.png Why can't I add spoilers or single cards myself?

I am making the new set addition as automated as possible but yet it is not a process which can be easily outsourced/cloudsourced since there are a lot of automated processed apart from the basic card details such as

  • We manually update the Banned and Restricted rules
  • We manually add new game formats
  • The process for updating legality cache takes 4 hours - since we have 30 000+ cards defined in 48 formats which is approximately 1.5 million cached values.
  • We add manually Card of the Day details
  • We add manually FAQs for cards
  • We add manually Lexicon for cards
  • We have automated procedures for adding latest Oracle rules
  • We have semi automated procedures for adding the latests MTG Online and Wagic card identifiers
  • We have semi automated procedures for "linking" our cards to external card stores for fetching prices
  • We have lots of automated data quality checks
  • We manually add artist contact details
  • We manually add the set expansion symbols
  • We manually add more than 50 attributes for new editions such as border color, product type, copyright message, card breakdows, popular third party Magic software set abbreviations, set description, recommended market price, design team, development team, codename, expansion symbol description
  • We manually add new mechanics, and keyword abilities
  • We manually add strictly better, strictly worst, functional reprints, and color shifted cards
  • We manually assign the watermark for each card
  • We semi-manually mark mana producing cards
  • We manually add theme decks and sample decks in various deck file formats
  • We perform spell checking against a very custom own developed Magic dictionary
  • We mostly manually added 50 000+ combos
  • If user interface is built for all those tasks the final distribution would be 100 instead of 30 MB
  • ...and it is not only about data. Whenever a new set comes along Wizards constantly introduce new stuff such as: Guild Mana, Hybrid Mana, 1/2 Power, toughness, new special symbols such as Chaos or Untap. They are really iventive adn come with lots of custom stuff which needs to be coded in various areas of thee application.
  • Last but not least - the most valuable asset of MTG Studio is its rich content and we are not willing to open source or sell our proprietary database.
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