Few missing small sets

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Few missing small sets

Postby Zzardum » Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:25 pm

I suppose I could have missed them in a filter somewhere, but I *think* there is an issue where a few card print sets are missing:
- Core 2019 Gift Pack for 2018: the 5 main cards (Vengeant Vampire, Immortal Phoenix, Angler Turtle, Angelic Guardian, and Rampaging Brontodon) appear to be missing entirely from the Pool database
- Ravnica Guild Kits for RNA (aka "GK2"): these cards are missing as well (the GK2 versions). I see the GK1 versions for the first 5 guild kits, so I think my filters are fine ...

Any estimate on when these might pop up?

Thanks again for such an awesome app!!!!
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