To manage my collection - sugestion

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To manage my collection - sugestion

Postby ehivar » Sun Sep 12, 2004 2:54 am


Well at last some superb usable software to manage decks etc. But what I am really missing si some part of program which will allow me to manage my own collection cards.

I need to know how many of which cards I have. Then I can see what cards I am missing. Then I would be simply able to filter my collection like "all cards with quantity zero" etc.
It would be helpfull to add to "my collection" table price column and some more usefull informations for exchanging cards etc. Maybe ability to export card list in HTML format.

There is still so many things which can be done on this software and You started very very very very well :) Nice work.

Good Luck.

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Postby gaddlord » Mon Sep 13, 2004 2:31 am

Well at last some superb usable software to manage decks

Thank you, ehivar

Such tool is greatly required by all of the MTG Studio fans. Than be it! :wink:

Next version will have it and it will be called Inventory (since this is the best name I can think of)

It will have the following features (columns):
Card Name - card name
Edition - edition
Condition - mint, near mint, etc.
Qty Foil - number of foil cards you own
Qty Non Foil - number of non-foil cards you own
Selling Price Foil - the price at which you are selling the foil card
Selling Price Non Foil - the price at which you are selling the non-foil card
Proxies - the number of printed proxies you have
Desired - how badly you need that card
(0 - junk,
1 - dont need,
2 - normal,
3 - needed,
4 - dying for)
Selling prices from 3-rd party sites such as Card Shark, Magic Traiders

Inventory Operations:
? Load and Save the XML inventory format with *.inv or *.inventory extension
? Print, Print Designer, Print Previe, Printer Page Setup
? Export to HTML, TXT, XML and Excell.
? Sorting, Grouping, Filtering, Column rearranging,
? import from Magic Workstation, Magic Library, MTG Play and other 3-rd party inventories.
? Ability to add cards from the card database to Inventory
? Ability to add cards from the inventory to your decks
? Highlight the deck against the inventory:
red - means you are short of that card
yellow - you have exactly the same qantity in the Inventory as in Deck
green - you have more than the required card duplicates

Use this thread to give whatever suggestions you have got.
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