starter 2000 list

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starter 2000 list

Postby jAsOnX73 » Thu Nov 04, 2004 1:54 pm

a complete list of starter 2000 cards including japanese version with [J] in the name and alternate versions of Rhox (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese).
I think all cards have to be included in the list (the japanese and all Rhox versions) let me know what you think

Angelic Blessing [J].full.jpg
Angelic Blessing.full.jpg
Breath of life [J].full.jpg
Breath of life.full.jpg
Durkwood Boars [J].full.jpg
Durkwood Boars.full.jpg
Eager Cadet [J].full.jpg
Eager Cadet.full.jpg
Giant Octopus [J].full.jpg
Giant Octopus.full.jpg
Hand of Death [J].full.jpg
Hand of Death.full.jpg
Knight Errant [J].full.jpg
Knight Errant.full.jpg
Lava Axe [J].full.jpg
Lava Axe.full.jpg
Mons's Goblin Raiders [J].full.jpg
Mons's Goblin Raiders.full.jpg
Monstrous Growth [J].full.jpg
Monstrous Growth.full.jpg
Moon Sprite [J].full.jpg
Moon Sprite.full.jpg
Ogre Warrior [J].full.jpg
Ogre Warrior.full.jpg
Rhox [S].full.jpg
Rhox [F].full.jpg
Rhox [G].full.jpg
Rhox [I].full.jpg
Rhox [J].full.jpg
Royal Falcon [J].full.jpg
Royal Falcon.full.jpg
Sea Eagle [J].full.jpg
Sea Eagle.full.jpg
Time Ebb [J].full.jpg
Time Ebb.full.jpg
Trained Orgg [J].full.jpg
Trained Orgg.full.jpg
Vizzerdrix [J].full.jpg
Wild Griffin [J].full.jpg
Wild Griffin.full.jpg
Willow Elf [J].full.jpg
Willow Elf.full.jpg
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Postby gaddlord » Sun Mar 20, 2005 10:34 am

Fixed in version 0.5.6 :wink:
All 140 cards were added 20 cards in 7 languages

1. Angelic Blessing.full.jpg
2. Breath of life.full.jpg
3. Durkwood Boars.full.jpg
4. Eager Cadet.full.jpg
5. Giant Octopus.full.jpg
6. Hand of Death.full.jpg
7. Knight Errant.full.jpg
8. Lava Axe.full.jpg
9. Mons's Goblin Raiders.full.jpg
10. Monstrous Growth.full.jpg
11. Moon Sprite.full.jpg
12. Ogre Warrior.full.jpg
13. Rhox.full.jpg
14. Royal Falcon.full.jpg
15. Sea Eagle.full.jpg
16. Time Ebb.full.jpg
17. Trained Orgg.full.jpg
18. Vizzerdrix.full.jpg
19. Wild Griffin.full.jpg
20. Willow Elf.full.jpg

All the cards above have 7 possible syfixes


1. Angelic Blessing [EN].full.jpg - English
21. Angelic Blessing [IT].full.jpg - Italian
41. Angelic Blessing [FR].full.jpg - French
61. Angelic Blessing [GE].full.jpg - German
81. Angelic Blessing [PR].full.jpg - Portuguese
101. Angelic Blessing [SP].full.jpg - Spanish
121. Angelic Blessing [JP].full.jpg - Japanese
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