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MTG Studio 2.7 bugs

Postby davebouvier » Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:07 am

There are two bugs I've experienced with 2.7 related to card prices shown in the Collection from Pool view. Both of these bugs are repeatable regardless of which price list, ABU Games, or Magic Traders is loaded. Prices for a card do appear in the left-hand column that show details for a single card.

First, when the app starts up, the prices it shows are wrong. It appears as if the prices are attached to the wrong cards. Once Update Prices has been run, the prices are correct until the app is shutdown and started up again.

Second, almost all of the the prices for Dark Ascension cards are missing regardless of which price list is loaded. The only DKA cards with prices are: Evolving Wilds, Fling, and Ray of Revelation.
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