update prices not working as expected

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update prices not working as expected

Postby Thingil » Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:58 am

Bug in 'updating prices'
I have a large collection, about 9222 rows with around 23000 cards.

So if i import the card prices from abu-games and after that when i go to the menu and start 'update prices' the following happens:

Until row 2100 the time progress of updating rows is 'normal'. Around 100 cards per second. After row 2100 MSTG Studio updates the rest of the rows extremly fast. So the next 7000 rows are updated within a few seconds which is impossible fast.

After updating process the value of my 3 'Tundra' Lands from 'revised' have then the maraket value of 331.98 which is realistic. When i close MTG Studio and open again the pricce in the field 'market value' goes back to a value of 2.97.
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