Red card no showing when red filter is in place

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Red card no showing when red filter is in place

Postby lombas » Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:22 pm

If I filter the card pool to show only red cards, "Crookshank Kobolds" (, a red cards, doesn't shows up. If I remove the filter the card shows up in the pool.

That's it.

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Postby OldGreen » Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:25 am

I have the same problem. If you look at the way the filters work (in the advanced filter dialog) it uses the mana cost of the card to filter color, not the rules text. Transguild Courier should have the same problem.
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Postby gaddlord » Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:24 am

OldGreen's comment is right. Color filtering is done over the Mana Cost.

Parsing Rules is a non-trivial task. The only optimal (ion terms of speed) way to do it if I finally get the time to finish my taxonomy for the card rules and you filter by the Ability: Red Cards.

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