Missing Box Sets and a few other Qs

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Missing Box Sets and a few other Qs

Postby Grayswan » Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:02 pm

1) I collect a number of box sets and boosters, and boxes, but i notice a number them are not included in the 'card' pool when i search for them.
Namely commander 2013, or the FTV series (i found exiled and dragons, but not any of the rest), or Modern Masters Boosters or Boxes, and some others i do not remember.
Am i searching wrongly, or am i missing an update (i did check for updates), or will these be added at a later point (some of these have been out for a while).

2) An unrelated but also important question, any reason the program uses 2 letter codes instead of 3 letter codes for sets? all the official codes are 3 letters, that threw me off quite a but when i first put together my spreadsheet to import, as the software would not recognize the 3 letter codes, i had to change them all to 2 letter codes that i could only find by looking it up in the card pool.

3) In addition if the software does update to 3 letter codes, will it automatically (and correctly) update my collection, or will i need to manually modify cards labeled with 7E to 7ED (for example)
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Re: Missing Box Sets and a few other Qs

Postby CptDobey » Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:33 pm

2) Long time ago, the official code can be shorter than 3 letters. It's only recently that 3 digits are used for all sets. MtG:S does evolve this way yet.

3) I do not know how sets are programmed, but I do really doubt we will have to re-encode anything. We may have to convert or import our collection, but nothing more complicated.

1) MtG:S is clearly more oriented toward card collecting than box collecting... All FtV are available as singles, as Modern Master is. Yes, recent "boxes" are missing.
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