Card Pool Update and Changes

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Card Pool Update and Changes

Postby Moosesjr » Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:40 am

Expansions are spoiled for expansions on average at least one week in advance of release or pre-release depending on the set. Why does it take two weeks longer to update the pool. I understand that there is some coding involved, but couldn't that be mitigated by updating the pool daily with new cards. The new Modern Event Deck was spoiled almost two weeks ago and released last Friday, but it is not showing up in the pool yet. The new conspiracy set has been fully spoiled since Saturday/Sunday. I can understand why that is not updated yet, but it has been being spoiled for almost the past month. The Vintage set for MTGO is almost all spoiled and releasing soon. M15 has almost 1/4 of the set spoiled already. They only spoil 15-20 cards a day and it is usually only 4-6 times a year that we have releases depending on what they want to give us. With most of the cards being reprints of older cards only the new ones need to be entered, the artwork can come later in a build update or a monthly update if deemed necessary. The card pool can be updated without the need to give us a new build of the program and save the builds for big releases. Instead of just one update button, there should be a pool update button along with a program update button. That would make it easier to update the pool and fix things like JOU not showing up correctly in a quick fix instead of working it into a new build.

As something to look at for pool is to look at how the websites code for the dual sided cards. Everyone that I have looked at has two // in the name along with some extra spacing before and after the //'s. If the database could be updated to include these changes then the update price tool could work and give us prices for all of our cards without us having to manually enter them.
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Re: Card Pool Update and Changes

Postby CptDobey » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:46 am

I approved the latest version of your post and killed the other.
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Re: Card Pool Update and Changes

Postby gaddlord » Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:43 pm

This time it was slow due to:
- Gatherer had changed completely their interface (and this is having direct relation to how quick I take their latest info).
- The recalculation calculation of Banned/Restricted cards for 30 000 cards for 40 formats takes around 10 hours since we support Banned, Restricted, Legal and the odd but useful "Legal as another set reprint".
- I put the official FAQ notes in MTG Studio and they come as Word or PDF usually
- I add be 10, 100 sometimes 1000 new combos
- support for Lexicon is also available
- new artists take some time dig out as email, web pages, facebook profiles
- new card types such as Conspiracy take special handling
- new mana cost symbols take special handling
- odd mana costs such as 1/2 white take special handling
- odd power/toughness such as 1/2 take special handling
- and I have another 50 less important things on my New Edition Released.txt checlist ;)
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