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Card prices questions

Postby CptDobey » Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:32 am


As well (or not ;)) as I know MtG Studio, I have two ways to set card prices:
- I can import prices (Files --> import --> Card Prices). I can choose between Magic Trader and ABU Games. Then I have to "update" the card prices (Files --> Update Prices...). The prices per card will be put into the "Market Price" column, and total amout for each card is put into the "Market Value" column.

- On other price relateded columns (such as "Sell at"), I can click on the little "..." button, then I have various options, and I can import price from some shop or compute a "smart" average...

My questions are:
Why keep the same information in two separate columns, with a totally different behaviour ?
Is it possible to use the second method on more than one card at a time ? I have more than 5000 different cards, do you see what I mean ;) ?

In this subject: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4076 you're talking about price upgrade from a lot of sites, done into the background. How does it work ? Is it the price database which will be updated (it means I still have to do something to update my card price) or will the price of each of my card be updated, in this case, which column ("Market Price" or "Sell at") ? Still on this subject: can I let the program open some hours to have all the prices upadted, or do I have to actually browse my collection ?

Finally, do I miss something completly ? Is there an easiest way to manage price information I do not know about ?

Thank in advance for you help!

Please, note that I'm not a member of MtG-Studio team.
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