frustration....a little help please

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frustration....a little help please

Postby studiokdaradiostar » Thu May 16, 2013 8:26 pm

phew. needed to say that.
i have just spent 1 hour trying to get the filter to pull up a simple request from my collection(paid version) continually telling myself no i wont post on the forum. failure!

i would like some assistance but rather than you telling me what i should do and me then saying i did that, let me explain what i am doing and you tell me where i am going wrong. i will start from a clean sheet as i resorted to that (after 'select all' and then 'remove from collection')

1. Import Collection .csv (out of 613, 207 failed) and then select Deck from collection (tick)
2. File-> Mode->Deck from collection (didnt use fkey shortcut as im trying to get used to it) as i would like to build a new deck [ON activation, my collection moves from bottom large main window to top]
3. Now the fun. F3 to bring up search window
4. From cards, select 'format and editions' tab
5. Select MTGO Standard within mtgo subheading as ONLY option ticked and click apply.
6. Goto Cards Tab. Select Black and Green and Multicolour and Colourless and Match Any of the Selected. Click Apply.
7. Select Text tick box and then type 'intimidate,Intimidate' in the or text box and click whole words ...(what does this whole words mean if unticked?) then click apply.
8. Oops all my cards vanished from top box
9. Deselect whole words after thinking and trying oh maybe space before and after comma and it not working. with whole words deselected ,click apply.
10. great 4 cards in my collection.
11. now attempt to drag cards across, nothing happens . just wont drop on other attempt to right click for 'add to deck' . it isnt highlighted.
12. now this was achieved in 2 minutes. clicking all, or, not trying to get it to work takes more time.. clicking all selected, any of the selected ,exactly the selected takes longer...then thinking perhaps standard also needs selecting in the format
but yup ive been trying to get green or black or basically any cards which arent white/red/blue with intimidate on into a new deck. (for starters)

section too at the top. then mixing it all up trying to get it to work. i honestly think you need a more comprehensive manual content for filter than a wiki section called manual or a more comprehensive manual in the wiki.

In this dialog box the logic relations between the filtering criteria can be seen. Use the "Open" and "Save As" buttons to load and save your favorite filters.

Advanced Filter dialog box is available from Search|Advanced Filter command or after clicking "Customize..." in filter bar of the grid.

Filter by Ability

One of the really unique features of MTG Studio is the ability to filter cards by their abilities. Let's say we want to filter all white cards which have the "Flying" and "First Strike" ability.

EDIT I THINK IVE SORTED OUT WHY I COULDNT TRANSFER CARDS ACROSS AND THATS BECAUSE I DIDNT IMPORT A NEW DECK TO REMOVE CARDS FROM. Not having a 'create new deck' facility i do not understand. Secondly when i bought the product, you sent me 2 seperate emails with download instructions...

"DOWNLOAD INFORMATION - You have 14 days to download before the links expire

The product may be downloaded from: Click here" from palmroot with my licence and one from mtg support, also with licence...very inefficient and confusing as there is no address but only a download hyperlink for one so you dont know if its from the same location on first inspection.

however still would recommend a better more explanatory manual. (if the reason the the 'tree filter' has something to do with my not having a tab beside toughness tab, i dont think its as easy to look at or figure out.

thanks guys.


"You can download the latest version of MTG Studio from"

From the "Color" page we select the White checkbox

Goto "Abilities" page and click "Choose". The Abilities form is shown and we select the desired abilities:



perhaps im accessing it from my allready filtered but as you can see from the photocaps i have no abilities tab on the end of my boxed filter screen next to power/toughness unlike i can see in the wiki manual..there is an abilities section on the lhs of main screen accessible from file under preview panel area but ive tried everything i can think of to get it to filter my main window which it doesnt want to do-only in its area and the pool.

sorry if i sound peeved but tbh 1 wasted hour which i paid for and i went straight to the online deckbuilder beta site ( and it's a breeze to use :(
yes should have come straight here as the answer is probably obvious.
any help greatly appreciated thanks.
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Re: frustration....a little help please

Postby CptDobey » Fri May 17, 2013 1:30 am


PS: if will much much more easier if you create a new subject for each topic. Mixing problem, request, remarks in the same thread is bad because after a short time no one will know what is solved or not.

About you filter trouble:
Did you type "Intimidate, intimidate" in the "and" row or the "or" row ?
If you time it on the right of "AND" it means you're looking for cards with "intimidate" AND "Intimidate". There is none.
I follow your instructions, typed "Intimidate, intimidate" in the right of "OR" and it is working fine as I'm search for bot "intimidate" and "Intimidate".

"Whole words": It will search for exactly what you type if you check it. It will not find "Intimidate, intimidate" because there is no card with that exact phrase.
if you type "Intimid, intimid" without checking the box, it will search for any card that contains "intimid". Cards with "intimidate" or "intimidation" will appear.

It means you can find all the cards with Intimidate or intimidate by doing this search: "ntimidate" (on the right of AND or OR it doesn't matter as you have only one criteria) ;)

To be able to do drag/drop: you need to create a new deck before doing so:
File --> New.
You have to specify where you want to save it... Et voilà.

You can add deck to your collection by doing this:
Set deck from collection (you have a drop down box on the top right to do this)
Open your deck (file --> open)
Select all the cards on the bottom grid (left click the first row, shift-left click on the last row)
Right click on any selected row--> add card to the collection.
A simple drag/drop will remove the card from the deck but will not add it to the collection
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