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pricing et al

Postby chocbudda » Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:08 pm

Sorry to repost this, but perhaps it was missed at the bottom of another thread?

OK, I have a clarification on pricing.

First of all a search on prices or importing prices refuses to run as it returns too many posts from the forum.

the FAQ mentions bulk lists from 2 suppliers?

Must we download these ourselves? (if so where?)
If we do, can we manually add/change prices? (IE is this in a format easy to manipulate?)

If we are "manually" updating, then we can only populate the buy at and sell at columns?
Can we bulk change these buy at /sell at prices from the bulk list above?

Currently I have an issue in my software (3.1.0) that the prices for a card display in the price tab but not in the dialogue window under buy at/sell at?

In the case that we manually change a price (within the program, not in a "bulk list") will this be overridden next time we "update prices"?

I'm interested as I have over 11k cards(variants) and a LOT of them don't have prices (even old school sets like FE and R?) and I REALLY need the most efficient means of accomplishing this.


I notice a discussion about accessing the API... I strongly encourage this as their combining of prices from various vendors is exceptional
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