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Import Wizard

Postby MrYourMom » Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:44 pm

Any way to either get a new import format or how can i convert my csv thats not in magic collection or mtgo format to work? I have my complete inventory on and there export feature give a 4 header csv file? Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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Re: Import Wizard

Postby gaddlord » Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:01 am

We do not have support for

What you can do is using Excel to convert the to MTG Online CSV format by rearranging columns and putting the right MTG Online set abbreviations.

The set abbreviations for MTG Online are:

Code: Select all
ISD   Innistrad
DDH   Ajani VS Nicol Bolas
V11   From the Vault: Legends
CMD   Commander
M12   Magic 2012
NPH   New Phyrexia
DDG   Knights VS Dragons
MBS   Mirrodin Besieged
ME4   Masters Edition IV
PD2   Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning
SOM   Scars of Mirrodin
DDF   Elspeth VS Tezzeret
V10   From the Vault: Relics
M11   Magic 2011
DPA   Duels of the Planeswalkers
ROE   Rise of the Eldrazi
DDE   Phyrexia VS The Coalition
WWK   Worldwake
H09   Premium Deck Series: Slivers
DDD   Garruk VS Liliana
ZEN   Zendikar
ME3   Masters Edition III
V09   From the Vault: Exiled
M10   Magic 2010
ARB   Alara Reborn
DDC   Divine VS Demonic
CON   Conflux
DD2   Jace VS Chandra
ALA   Shards of Alara
ME2   Masters Edition II
DRB   From the Vault: Dragons
EVE   Eventide
SHM   Shadowmoor
MOR   Morningtide
LRW   Lorwyn
EVG   Elves VS Goblins
MED   Masters Edition
10E   Tenth Edition
FUT   Future Sight
PLC   Planar Chaos
TSP   Time Spiral
CSP   Coldsnap
DIS   Dissension
GPT   Guildpact
RAV   Ravnica: City of Guilds
9ED   Ninth Edition
SOK   Saviors of Kamigawa
BOK   Betrayers of Kamigawa
CHK   Champions of Kamigawa
5DN   Fifth Dawn
DST   Darksteel
MRD   Mirrodin
8ED   Eighth Edition
SCG   Scourge
LGN   Legions
ONS   Onslaught
JUD   Judgment
TOR   Torment
OD   Odyssey
AP   Apocalypse
7E   Seventh Edition
PS   Planeshift
TOK   Tokens
IN   Invasion
PR   Prophecy
NE   Nemesis
MM   Mercadian Masques
6E   Sixth Edition
PK   Portal Three Kingdoms
UD   Urza's Destiny
UL   Urza's Legacy
UZ   Urza's Saga
P2   Portal Second Age
EX   Exodus
ST   Stronghold
TE   Tempest
WL   Weatherlight
PO   Portal
5E   Fifth Edition
VI   Visions
VAN   Vanguard
MI   Mirage
ALL   Alliances
PRM   Promotional
HM   Homelands
CH   Chronicles
ICE   Ice Age
4E   Fourth Edition
FE   Fallen Empires
DK   The Dark
LE   Legends
3E   Revised
AQ   Antiquities
AN   Arabian Nights
2U   Unlimited
2E   Beta
1E   Alpha
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