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Postby gaddlord » Wed May 12, 2004 7:16 am

We would like to announce the new product in MTG Studio - Necromancer.

:?: What is Necromancer?
Necromancer is new MtG multiplayer. It will look much alike Appretice and MWS Play software.

:?: Why another multiplayer?
Necromancer is intended to be 100% compatible with the old Apprentice. This will allow you to play agains another Necromancer, Apprentice or Mindless software. We hope in the future Necromancer to become the most advanced multiplayer available. It will have automatic rule checking and this will be equivalent to having a judge on the table. In the future AI will also be done.

:?: Where to download?
Currently Necromancer is under heavy development. Soon first betas will be availble.

:?: What games can be played with Necromancer?
Necromancer is mainly focused on MtG. But still other games will be supported (currently in version Alpha 0.5 approximately 30 games are supported).
Games like Pokemon, LoR, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailors Moon, Magi Nation and other will be 100% compatible. Necromancer will come with inbuild tool for creation of custom card-lists - other currently not supported games can be easily added.

:?: Which decks I can play with?
Currently Necromancer supports the Apprentice. DEC files. Soon it will also support another 12 formats (dek, deck, mwdeck, dck, etc.).

:?: What are the main features?
The first version of Necromancer will have 100% of the Apprentice 1.46 functionality.
The second verion will have 100% of MWS Play. Afterward automatics (autorule checking), AI, ability to play with up to 10 players, playing 2 VS 2 and Emperor, voice chat, lists of online users, private rooms, virtual game-clubs, tourments will be implemented.

:?: How Necromancer will look like?
Necromancer will have the ability to draw the cards in different visualization styles - like in the old Shandalar, Apprentice-like, MWS-like. If cropped images are available on the client machine, they will be visible. Additional visualization styles will be added on request.

:?: Anything else?
The chat window will allow emoticons. Voice chat will be also available. Actually everyting you ask for can be done in the future.

Share with us your ideas.

Please send all your requests, comments, tips, ideas to this forum. Posted here everyone can read it and share oppinion. I am visiting this forum twice a day.
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