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Selling Collection - 6500+ cards

Postby Hellhunter » Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:28 pm

I'm not sure if this is fopa here, but the point of buying MTGStudio was to inventory and sell my collection. Since you guys would be the connoisseurs of the cards, I'd thought I'd through this out there. I can pass on the collection file (for portable) or an Excel export of it.

Btw, I am very pleased with this software. It is very easy to use and extremely detail oriented. My only suggestion, if possible, would be to add a feature to add a precon theme deck or set to the collection as individual cards for pricing purposes; or adding the deck would automatically add the cards into the collection.

Anyway, I also have it up on craigslist, but this what I have:

Cards range from 4E-TO, plus UG and a few RAV.
Includes 6,576 cards all sorted in large cardboard card boxes. Separated by color then by creature and spells and fairly organized within that.
This count does NOT include the basic lands I have. I'm going to estimate around 500-1000 of those.
Includes 375 Rares in hard plastic sleeves.
Includes 51 Foils in card sleeve binder pages.
Includes Beatdown and Deskmaster Gift Sets, cards inventoried individually in database, but still in their gift set boxes.
Includes 38 precon theme decks, all cards individually inventoried in database, but all still in their precon boxes.
Includes 7 Fat Pack "accessories" including novels (if you want them), inventory booklets and anything else that came with it. (MM, IPA (all 3), OTJ (all 3) & RAV).
Includes several 20-sided dice and a green mana rotary life counter.
Includes a few official MTG deck boxes, OTJ themed, that include heavy-duty, tournament style plastic sleeves for deck+sideboard.
Includes 3 World Championship Decks: Janosch Kuhn, Jan Tomcani & Tom Van de Logt. These cards are not individually inventoried.
Includes 3 large card boxes (1 empty), 2 small card boxes and all available sleeves.
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Postby Moobu » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:43 pm

I might be interested if you aren't asking retail prices. Can you post a list of the rares and mythic rares? I'm also interested in Lightning greaves, priest of titania, rancor, isochron scepter, and mental misstep.
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Postby Hellhunter » Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:11 pm

These are the Rares I have. I do not have any Mythic Rares. I am asking $1,700 for everything (cards and supplies). The cards themselves value at around $2k per the studio price import. I do not have any Mirrodin cards. Only 4ED through Torment, some Unglued and a fat pack's worth of Ravnica.

    Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor OD
    Aladdin's Ring 4E
    Alter Reality TO
    Amber Prison MI
    Amugaba OD
    Ancestral Memories 7E
    Ancestral Tribute OD
    Ancient Silverback 7E
    Ancient Spider PS
    Angel of Retribution TO
    Angelic Voices CH
    Ankh of Mishra R
    Argothian Wurm US
    Armageddon 4E
    Ashen Powder 6E
    Ashnod's Coupon UG
    Attrition UD
    Aura Mutation IN
    Avatar of Fury PY
    Avatar of Might PY
    Avatar of Woe PY
    B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster) (1) UG
    Back to Basics US
    Balduvian Horde BD
    Balduvian Horde DM
    Balduvian Trading Post AL
    Ball Lightning BD
    Balthor the Stout TO
    Barrin's Codex US
    Barrin's Spite IN
    Bearscape OD
    Bellowing Fiend 7E
    Blazing Specter IN
    Blinding Light PT
    Blizzard Elemental BD
    Blurred Mongoose IN
    Body Snatcher UD
    Bottle of Suleiman 4E
    Braids, Cabal Minion OD
    Brawl MM
    Breaking Point JU
    Broken Visage 5E
    Bulwark US
    Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire UG
    Burning Wish JU
    Callous Giant IN
    Captain Sisay IN
    Cardboard Carapace UG
    Catacomb Dragon MI
    Cephalid Constable JU
    Cephalid Retainer OD
    Cephalid Vandal TO
    Chainer, Dementia Master TO
    Charmed Pendant OD
    Chromium CH
    Clockwork Avian BD
    Clockwork Beast BD
    Cloud Cover PS
    Coalition Victory IN
    Coat of Arms 7E
    Collapsing Borders IN
    Colossus of Sardia 4E
    Commander Eesha JU
    Concordant Crossroads CH
    Crush of Wurms JU
    Crypt Angel IN
    Cultural Exchange OD
    Cunning Wish JU
    Daring Apprentice 7E
    Dark Suspicions PS
    Dawn of the Dead TO
    Death Grasp AP
    Death or Glory IN
    Decaying Soil OD
    Defense of the Heart UL
    Denying Wind PY
    Desolation Angel AP
    Desolation Giant AP
    Desperate Research IN
    Devastating Dreams TO
    Diabolic Intent PS
    Disrupting Scepter 4E
    Divine Presence IN
    Divine Sacrament OD
    Do or Die IN
    Doomsday Specter PS
    Draco PS
    Drain Power 4E
    Dralnu's Crusade PS
    Dralnu's Pet PS
    Dwarven Bloodboiler JU
    Earnest Fellowship OD
    Eladamri's Call PS
    Elkin Bottle DM
    Energy Bolt MI
    Epic Struggle JU
    Erhnam Djinn JU
    Exile 6E
    Exploration US
    Extortion MM
    Fallen Angel 7E
    Fallen Angel BD
    Fallen Angel BD
    FALSE Memories TO
    Fiery Justice IA
    Fledgling Dragon JU
    Followed Footsteps RAV
    Force of Nature BD
    Forsaken City PS
    Free-for-All UG
    Gaea's Herald PS
    Gauntlets of Chaos CH
    Genesis JU
    Ghitu Fire IN
    Giant Fan UG
    Gift of Estates PT
    Glimpse the Unthinkable RAV
    Global Ruin IN
    Glorious Anthem 7E
    Glory JU
    Goblin Game PS
    Goblin King 5E
    Goblin King 6E
    Goblin Trenches AP
    Greed 4E
    Greed 7E
    Grim Feast MI
    Grim Lavamancer TO
    Guiltfeeder JU
    Gurzigost TO
    Hecatomb 5E
    Heightened Awareness PY
    Hell-Bent Raider TO
    Hell's Caretaker CH
    Hollow Trees FE
    Horn of Deafening CH
    Hunting Grounds JU
    Hurkyl's Recall 4E
    Hypnox TO
    Icatian Store FE
    Icatian Town 5E
    Ice Cave AP
    Ichorid TO
    I'm Rubber, You're Glue UG
    Infernal Contract 7E
    Inferno 4E
    Insidious Dreams TO
    Ivy Elemental OD
    Jandor's Saddlebags 4E
    Jeska, Warrior Adept JU
    Johan CH
    Jokulhaups 6E
    Jokulhaups DM
    Jolrael, Empress of Beasts PY
    Juxtapose CH
    Karplusan Forest DM
    Kavu Lair IN
    Kavu Monarch IN
    Keldon Firebombers PY
    Kirtar's Wrath OD
    Kyren Archive MM
    Landfill UG
    Laquatus's Champion TO
    Last Laugh TO
    Last Stand AP
    Latulla, Keldon Overseer PY
    Legacy Weapon AP
    Leviathan BD
    Lhurgoyf [Foil] DM
    Lightning Dragon US
    Lion's Eye Diamond MI
    Living Wish JU
    Llawan, Cephalid Empress TO
    Lord of the Undead PS
    Mageta the Lion PY
    Magical Hack 4E
    Magical Hack 5E
    Magnigoth Treefolk PS
    Mahamoti Djinn BD
    Mana Maze IN
    Maraxus of Keld WL
    March of Souls PS
    Masked Gorgon JU
    Master Healer 7E
    Meddling Mage PS
    Megatherium MM
    Merieke Ri Berit IA
    Metathran Aerostat IN
    Meteor Storm IN
    Mindslicer OD
    Mine, Mine, Mine! UG
    Mirari's Wake JU
    Misdirection MM
    Mishra's Helix US
    Mishra's War Machine 4E
    Mogg Sentry PS
    Molten Hydra UL
    Morality Shift JU
    Morningtide TO
    Mortal Combat TO
    Mudhole OD
    Mungha Wurm PY
    Mutilate TO
    Mystic Enforcer OD
    Mystic Snake AP
    Nantuko Blightcutter TO
    Nantuko Cultivator TO
    Nantuko Mentor OD
    Nantuko Shade TO
    Natural Balance MI
    Natural Emergence PS
    Necropotence [Foil] DM
    New Frontiers OD
    Nicol Bolas CH
    Nightscape Master IN
    Nomad Mythmaker JU
    Nostalgic Dreams TO
    Nostalgic Dreams TO
    Obliterate IN
    Opal Titan US
    Orim's Chant PS
    Overgrown Estate AP
    Overlaid Terrain NE
    Overmaster TO
    Ow UG
    Palladia-Mors CH
    Parallax Inhibitor NE
    Parallel Evolution TO
    Pariah US
    Patron Wizard OD
    Penumbra Wurm AP
    Persuasion OD
    Petradon TO
    Petrified Field OD
    Phantom Nantuko JU
    Phantom Nishoba JU
    Phyrexian Arena AP
    Phyrexian Delver IN
    Phyrexian Infiltrator IN
    Phyrexian Plaguelord UL
    Plagiarize TO
    Planeswalker's Scorn PS
    Polar Kraken IA
    Polymorph 6E
    Possessed Barbarian TO
    Possessed Centaur TO
    Possessed Nomad TO
    Powerstone Minefield AP
    Predator, Flagship NE
    Psychic Battle IN
    Pulsemage Advocate JU
    Puppet's Verdict MM
    Purify 7E
    Questing Phelddagrif PS
    Quirion Dryad PS
    Radiant Kavu PS
    Radiate TO
    Raging Kavu IN
    Rakalite CH
    Rappelling Scouts MM
    Rayne, Academy Chancellor UD
    Reborn Hero TO
    Recall 5E
    Reckless Assault IN
    Repentant Vampire OD
    Retraced Image TO
    Reverent Mantra MM
    Reverse Damage 4E
    Rhox NE
    Rhystic Tutor PY
    Ring of Gix UL
    Ruby Leech IN
    Sabertooth Nishoba IN
    Sacred Foundry RAV
    Safe Haven CH
    Safe Haven DK
    Sapphire Leech IN
    Saproling Cluster NE
    Scalpelexis JU
    Searing Wind PY
    Seedtime JU
    Seize the Day OD
    Selfless Exorcist JU
    Serra Angel 7E
    Serra Aviary HL
    Seton, Krosan Protector OD
    Shadowblood Ridge OD
    Shaman's Trance JU
    Shambling Swarm TO
    Shifty Doppelganger OD
    Shivan Dragon BD
    Silver Seraph JU
    Skizzik IN
    Skullscorch TO
    Skyship Weatherlight (1) PS
    Sliptide Serpent NE
    Solitary Confinement JU
    Sol'kanar the Swamp King CH
    Soraya the Falconer HL
    Spectral Lynx AP
    Spinal Embrace IN
    Spirit of Resistance IN
    Spiritmonger AP
    Spiritual Asylum NE
    Spoils of War IA
    Stalking Assassin IN
    Stangg CH
    Statecraft MM
    Stone-Tongue Basilisk OD
    Stormbind IA
    Stormscape Master IN
    Stronghold Gambit NE
    Suffocating Blast AP
    Sulfurous Springs DM
    Sunglasses of Urza 4E
    Sunken Hope PS
    Sunscape Master IN
    Sutured Ghoul JU
    Sylvan Safekeeper JU
    Szadek, Lord of Secrets RAV
    Tainted Aether 7E
    Tangle Wire NE
    Telekinetic Bonds JU
    Tempest Efreet 4E
    Test of Endurance JU
    The Cheese Stands Alone UG
    Thicket Elemental IN
    Thorn Elemental 7E
    Thornscape Master IN
    Thran Golem UD
    Thriss, Nantuko Primus JU
    Thunderscape Master IN
    Time Warp TE
    Timmy, Power Gamer UG
    Trained Orgg S2
    Transcendence TO
    Triassic Egg CH
    Tsabo's Decree IN
    Tsabo's Web IN
    Tunnel Vision RAV
    Turbulent Dreams TO
    Twilight Drover RAV
    Twilight's Call IN
    Uktabi Wildcats 6E
    Uktabi Wildcats MI
    Underground River DM
    Undermine IN
    Urza's Blueprints UL
    Urza's Filter IN
    Urza's Guilt PS
    Vaevictis Asmadi CH
    Veldt IA
    Vengeful Dreams TO
    Verdeloth the Ancient IN
    Vernal Equinox MM
    Vindicate AP
    Vitalizing Wind PY
    Vizzerdrix S2
    Void IN
    Warmonger [Player's Guide Foil] PR
    Waterspout Elemental PS
    Weatherseed Treefolk UL
    Whirlpool Warrior AP
    Wiitigo IA
    Wildfire US
    Winter Orb 4E
    Worldgorger Dragon JU
    Wormfang Manta JU
    Wormfang Manta JU
    Worship US
    Wrath of God 6E
    Xira Arien CH
    Yavimaya's Embrace AP
    Yawgmoth Demon CH
    Zoologist OD
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Postby gaddlord » Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:22 pm

Btw, I am very pleased with this software. It is very easy to use and extremely detail oriented.

Thank you for the kind words.

if possible, would be to add a feature to add a precon theme deck or set to the collection as individual cards for pricing purposes

To add a whole deck:
1. You can open a precon deck
2. Choose Cards|Select All
3. Choose Cards|Add to Collection

To add a whole set:
1. Open Search|Filter
2. Choose the set of choice and press OK
3. Choose Cards|Select All from card pool
4. Choose Cards|Add to Collection

Since those are 3 to 4 step operations I do not plan having them as separate menu items.

I hope this helps.
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Postby Moobu » Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:22 pm

Very nice list of rares, unfortunately what you are asking for the entire collection is way more than I believe anybody will purchase it for. If you have 17 copies of disenchant and the program values them at 10 cents a piece that doesn't mean I want to spend 1.70 on all of them. You essentially have $1,500 of that exact example with some rares that people would go crazy over.

Your best bet would be to take the sought after rares and sell them as singles then give someone a really good deal on the bulk of your commons. Depending on if we work a deal out I may be interested in a couple of cards on the list.
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