1.8.3 itch :)

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Postby Schwanke » Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:11 pm

Haha thats freaky Dakka. I get a new system wednesday as well. Well the monitor arrives on wednesday lol. And hopefully the rest is built tuesday or wednesday and here by friday.

I sooo.. can not wait for the insane speed increase with a new system and a new studio. I've been using a machine thats over five years old lol.

Seriosly though Gad. We are all behind you 1000%. Your software is a MAJOR needed piece of awesomeness for the mtg community. In my long run I plan on someday getting into the other trading card games and I've already begun trying to figure out if I even want to bother doing anything beyond just casual games if I dont have sometime like Studio also for them. Cant imagine managing a 10000+ card store using opencalc or something lol. I balk at having to get back into coding and writing my own database again like I have for other things lol. (Ive written web software that datamines games for information and converts them into searchable databases so I have some experience in the messyness of massive DBs lol but that was years ago)

Super Thanks! :D
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Postby Darvus Laan » Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:07 pm

I'd like to put in my "here, here!" for the new edition. Waiting patiently, but wondering about a status update.

For the record, I just bought a license key for it today. You've earned it!

Keep up the great work!!!
Darvus Laan
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