Massive Feature Request: Control over imported price choices

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Massive Feature Request: Control over imported price choices

Postby Schwanke » Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:17 pm

Read the other post in bugs too, these two merge now lol. :D

I think that ideally the pricing scheme should be a system where the configuration menues have a window where the program lists all the available price sources with a check box next to each of them and you can turn each card price source off and on.

Then there should be a radio button with the options: High, Average, Low.

The reason I say this is because I just noticed that out of 11 rares including 2 foils that I just priced. Troll and Toad had the lowest prices on all but one of them AND 99cent shipping on 99 cards or less.

WIth so many cards not having prices in M11 in mtgstudio I was originally using I think abugames one of the sites in mtgstudio to price my cards. If I use the prices from mtgstudio first and then abugames second the total value of my 11 cards comes to 59.31.

Whereas the same list of cards from Troll and Toad is 39.69.

Why would someone pay 55.81 plus shipping from a hack like me when they can get the exact same cards from TnT for 20dollars less? If I am going to price to sell I am just better off pricing everything like Troll and Toad and hoping someone likes me more then them for some reason. Considering their shipping is 99cents and the best I can do is 2.50.

Insurance companies say the value of your collection is how much it would cost to replace it so the value of your collection should either be buying all your cards from the cheapest on averge site. (In my test case troll and toad) OR buying across as many sites as possible getting the lowest assuming shipping is about the same across each and your replacing 100s or 1000s of cards so the startup shipping averages out.

I do see the reasons though for doing average of multiple sites to get a feel for the market value as opposed to the replace value and I see a reason for high to get a full spread of the value as to tell how real the low is sometimes it helps to see the high.

Just my opinion I guess. I am selling my cards on and I am considering from now on passing on using the price statistics in mtgs and just looking them up manually on troll and toad. I had already put a clause in my header file on my draft of the selling post saying I would meet Troll and Toad because I know how reputable they are but I hadnt realized I had used abugames and how much higher abugames was across the board then troll and toad. When I went to recheck my prices I was a little depressed watching my test 11cards drop by 20$s and I could get them for that right now if I wanted to. :P

Still great software. Quite usefull and I may go back to using the importing pricing. Havnt fully decided yet but for now with so many M11s now showing up anyway I might as well do them all by TnT.

Thanks still! :)

P.S. I apreciate the fact that the primary focus of the software isnt supposed to be cataloging and pricing but deck building and the like, rules sets, etc. It just happens that this is the ONLY software out there that I could find that did this stuff and all I can do is do my wishful dreaming on features. :) I know they all go to the red feedback button anyway so its not like my babbling is going to change the world if no one wants it to but me. :)

Gunna let this stew in my head for a bit and then I'll submit the feedback request in a day or two.

Thanks again! :)
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Postby gaddlord » Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:02 pm

I totally see your point.
Since I would like to focus a bit more on prices your recommendation sound very good.

In order TnT to be integrated I need an interface. Thats why I just sent the following email to their web master.


I am the developer of MTG Studio (a well known Magic Deck and Collection editing software available at

I frequently receive requests for integrating my software with your pricelists. Currently we support Magic Traders, ABUGames price lists and plan to integrate Black Border and WTC.

Please let me know if you have an interface which will allow me to download the current prices in a format similar to that


an URL like ... =mtgstudio which returns your inventory will be great.

Once I have your prices I can show them within the software (as I currently do for Magic Traders) as a link and upon being clicked will redirect directly to your site fror placing a purchase order.

Please let me know if this interface is present or possible to be implemented.

As a reference I can mention that MTG Studio is currently used in more than 140 countries around the world in more than 15 000 cities and for the last 8 years has more than 150 000 unique users.

Best Regards,
Gad D Lord
PalmROOT, Inc.

I hope they reply soon.
Send feature requests and bugs to or vote online.
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Postby Schwanke » Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:28 pm


Btw, while we are focusing on prices. I would REALLY like to see the Foil Checkbox affect the price instead of having to manually override it and use the sell at and remember to ignore the listed price.

Dont know how that would work into your interface with the other sites but I would assume something like that would be important since obviously there is almost always a good percentage difference between non-foil and foil prices.

Right now you have to click the foil box and then go look up the foil on some random site (assuming you wouldnt want to take the time to look it up on all the sites studio uses and average it yourself) and then enter it into the sell at. Then its not calculated into your value at the bottom of the collection listing which means you then have to either calculate the difference by hand or copy all of the prices over to sell at.

Btw, I am going to test this this evening if I remember to but I think the sell at does not count for multiple copies. I can see how you might intend it to simply be a reference but it would be nice to me to be able to have the sell at multiply by the count so that you could calculate at the totals how much your entire collection would sell at for example. Otherwise I dont see the point of having a total at the bottom of that column as it doesnt total anything useful unless someone has a reason to value what you would get for just selling one of each of the cards in your collection?

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