Track Boosters, Starter, Fat Packs, etc. in your Collection

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Track Boosters, Starter, Fat Packs, etc. in your Collection

Postby gaddlord » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:13 am

The forthcoming MTG Studio 1.8.2 will have the following new item types:

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Booster Pack
Theme Deck
Starter Pack
Gift Box
Booster Pack Box
Fat Pack
Tournament Deck Pack
Tournament Deck Pack Box
Championship Deck
Championship Deck Box
Theme Deck Box
Theme Decks Set
Gift Box Set
2-Player Decks
2-Player Decks Box
Core Set Two Player Game
Starter Kit
Starter Kit Box
Core Set Two Player Game Box
Starter Deck Pack
Starter Deck Pack Box
Booster Box
2-Player Starter Box
Starter Pack Box
Starter Deck Box
Starter Tournament Deck Pack
2-Player Set
2-Player Starter Deck Box
2-Player Starter Deck
Card Box
Card Sleeve
Card Holder
Carry Case
Deck Box
Dice Bag
Gaming Backpack
Gaming Stones
Life Counter
Play Mat
Original Card Painting
Tips & Tricks Card
Filler Card

551 magic boxes, theme decks, boosters, fat and tournament packs have been added.

Here is a teaser showing how we can add a SOK Theme Deck to our collection:
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