Friday Night Magic promos missing from database

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Friday Night Magic promos missing from database

Postby gleavitt » Sat May 18, 2013 10:00 am

Several of the Friday Night Magic promos are missing from the database. On a quick review, it doesn't look like anything has been updated for FNM since July 2012.

As able, please include:

Forbidden Alchemy [FNM 2012 Foil]

Avacyn's Pilgrim [FNM 2012 Foil]

Lingering Souls [FNM 2012 Foil]

Evolving Wilds [FNM 2012 Foil]

Pillar of Flame [FNM 2012 Foil]

Gitaxian Probe [FNM 2012 Foil]

Searing Spear [FNM 2013 Foil]

Reliquary Tower [FNM 2013 Foil]

Farseek [FNM 2013 Foil]

Call of the Conclave [FNM 2013 Foil]

Judge's Familiar [FNM 2013 Foil]

Thank you

It might be worth making 'FNM' its own Edition since it's so prolific a subset of the PR Edition and use the naming convention: 'Name [month]' (i.e. 'Judge's Familiar [May 2013]', 'Call of the Conclave [April 2013]', 'Farseek [March 2013]', etc.). Mentioning whether the card is Foil or not seems redundant since each individual card is either all foil or all non foil.
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