Automated numbering in certain collection fields

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Automated numbering in certain collection fields

Postby TheAndrian » Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:52 am


Using the collection editor is great however when one's collection is getting fairly large it gets very tedious inputting the data manually for the following fields: Needed, Target, Quantity and Excess. I know that adding multiples for the Quantity field is straight forward from the card pool by clicking the card from the card pool.

For example I like collecting playsets of cards and I always set a Target of 4 for each card from each set; it is a real slog to enter manually '4' on each line; is there a way to select a column and apply a blanket value to any number desired in the future or by pasting into selected fields instead of just one at a time?

Also the process of adding Needed and Excess is a slog too. I'd really like the fields to automatically update when one enters a new Quantity of a particular card by comparing against the Target so that the Excess and Needed are updated.

The same applies to text fields where one repeats the same info. Pasting one at a time is a slog too.

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