Lookin for a simple way to 'average value' boosters, boxes.

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Lookin for a simple way to 'average value' boosters, boxes.

Postby Schwanke » Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:57 pm

I'm looking for a simple way to average value booster packs and boxes.

What I have been doing, and am heavily eagerly waiting 1.8.3 to continue more accurately, is:

Copy one copy of all rares in an edition into a collection file.
Get the total.
Put that number into a spreedsheet and divide by the number of rares in the collection file. (Gives an average rare value for that edition)
Do the same for uncommons.
Then multiply the rare average by the number of rares in whatever I am measuring and the same for uncommons.
Add the two.

This if I know my statistics from college would give the average value of whatever combination of cards you like assuming they are pulled randomly from unopened booster boxes and packs.

My question is is there a simpler way to do this with the upcoming features of 1.8.3 or should I expect to keep doing that?

Normally when I load a different collection file then the one I am working with I just delete all the cards in the current one and import the one I want. Then if I want to save changes I copy and rename the default collection file to whatever I want it saved as.

Seems to work so far but how will importing be affected by the choice for multiple prices? Will it be smart enough to remember my choices from importing or will I have to make them all over again?

If I had to I could do the trick with the copying of collection files and opening and closing studio but its a lot longer to close studio, copy the file, and reopen studio waiting for it to boot on my crud computer then it is to just import the collection file. Especially if for example I was going to be repricing 10 or 20 different booster boxes all at once once a week to keep up with changes in the market.

Just wondering. Be friggen insanely awesome if there was some built in stat somewhere like 'average rare value' and 'average uncommon value' per edition. I normally dont worry about commons but I could see myself caring with older editions. Unfortunately average card value doesnt help because booster packs and similar dont have an even ratio of cards.

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Postby gaddlord » Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:49 am

The easiest way to achieve better statistics with AVG is to filter the cards of your interest and then use Cards|Export|Excel and do the necessary math in Excel.

Not sure if this can help by here is what such kind of report can extract:

Code: Select all
Alara Reborn   3.39
Apocalypse   7.76
Betrayers of Kamigawa   5.27
Champions of Kamigawa   4.71
Coldsnap   6.43
Conflux   4.92
Darksteel   6.26
Dissension   4.98
Eighth Edition   4.7
Eventide   5.48
Fifth Dawn   6.17
Future Sight   9.64
Guildpact   4.75
Invasion   4.94
Judgment   6.05
Legions   4.62
Lorwyn   5.48
Magic 2010   4.71
Magic 2011   6.19
Mercadian Masques   6.15
Mirrodin   4.7
Morningtide   5.15
Nemesis   5.12
Ninth Edition   4.96
Odyssey   5.1
Onslaught   7.73
Planar Chaos   5.13
Planeshift   6.04
Prophecy   3.55
Ravnica: City of Guilds   5.34
Rise of the Eldrazi   2.88
Saviors of Kamigawa   5.07
Scourge   5.61
Seventh Edition   6.58
Shadowmoor   5.02
Shards of Alara   3.17
Tenth Edition   5.89
Time Spiral   3.84
Torment   4.95
Unhinged   5.86
Urza's Destiny   10.8
Urza's Legacy   11
Worldwake   4.29
Zendikar   5.56
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Postby Schwanke » Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:16 pm

I just found it faster to add one of each to an empty collection and use the total you have at the bottom of the list. Unless I misunderstand the purpose of that field?

That way I can just add all the rares of set A, get total, delete all, add all the Uncommon, get total, delete all, set B, etc..

Theoretically though I just realized it might be possible to export the entire set, rares uncommons and commons to the excel file (or in my case open office calc file) and use the command in ooc that lets you filter by a field. I could probably program it to filter by the rarity field and then subtotal the columns and mulity by my factors and get a total like that.

MIght try that next time but dont plan on doing this till .3 is out so I'll wait to see how you have it setup there. My current system also didnt take into account foils because I didnt always know the probabilty of a foil and had no easy way to get em all. With the new version I could create collection files for just foils and load them and price them automatically.
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