Question on prices import 'configurability'.

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Question on prices import 'configurability'.

Postby Schwanke » Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:42 am

Wondering what the plan is for the configurabiltiy of price importing.

I was thinking of the scenario of you add a card to your database and it prompts you for the 'version' of the price you want to use for that card and then adds it.

What then though?

What happens if you drag and add multiple cards?

Can you do a 'use this for all cards in this transaction'?

Can you set a field that sets the default for all aditions but then change it at any time or turn it off and go back to prompting you?

I'm thinking of different use cases where your for example:

Going through a stack of 1000 cards one by one but you almost always want the average price NON foil except occasionally you want to switch to an average FOIL.

Or there is the example where you wonder what the average value of ALL rares in one edition are so you filter by edition by rare then select all drag and drop all the rares to a fresh collection file. You just want average for all of them (or average foil if they are foils) and dont want to have to hit ok 60 times cuz its always the same.

Which by the way I use regularly because I figure out the average value of a rare including mythic, and uncommon and then multiply them into the amounts in the booster boxes and figure out the 'average' value of a booster box to gauge what I think I should spend on it on ebay.

For example I cant wait to do the alara block foil which is 254 rares. I did it manually in a spreedsheet and on abu games the average rare price in a booster foil box alone was 20 to 25$s higher then what they are selling for on ebay hate to have to hit ok 254 times or worse select average foil and hit ok 254 times. :D

And finally there is the situation of you already have either of these two use cases in place and you want to update your prices once a week. Will it be set to automatically use the previous setting so you dont have to re tell it everything? (Assuming itl use the old but just asking to be safe.)

Also. Will it force update when you open a collection file or will it be manual? I think it should be manual so you can get your old prices out in an export before you update if you want to see whats changed/trends/etc.

Which brings another feature idea lol, what about an icon with a green up arrow and a red down arrow if the price has changed? Maybe have a setting in options about how much it has to change to trigger showing the arrow. (5cents might not matter where as obviosly 1$ would)

Just my random late night mumblings. :)

Cant wait!
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