Alternate chinese card art

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Alternate chinese card art

Postby jAsOnX73 » Sat Nov 06, 2004 6:45 am

I suggest to create a new category called 'Alternate Cards' listing the following: ... inese.html ... ition.html

... using (1) and (2) whenever there are different copies of the same card.
for example:

001 腐肉牆
(Carrion Wall)
002 腐肉牆
(Carrion Wall)

ah, by the way, I would use English names :)
in the above case I would name the cards that way:
Carrion Wall [C Trad] (1)
Carrion Wall [C Trad] (2)
Carrion Wall [C Simp] (1)
Carrion Wall [C Simp] (2)

I just don't know if it's better to put the number after the language or viceversa. You decide :)
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Alternate Cards

Postby gaddlord » Sun Mar 06, 2005 10:20 am

Suggestion accepted. A new edition called 'Alternate Art' will be added with all the cards mentioned from the 9 editions available
Portal 1
Portal 2
Fifth Edition
Sixth Edition
Seventh Edition
Urza's Saga

The calling convetion will be

CardName (Version) [Language]

e.g. Carrion Wall (1) [Chineese Trad.]

These cards will be available in version 0.5.6 :wink:
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