Card Art Naming Convention

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Card Art Naming Convention

Postby Pascal » Tue Oct 12, 2004 2:33 pm

I found this version nice :)

I've experienced issue with the card art:
the cards containing colomn : cannot have image because windows files
can't have special character in the file name. Ex: all circle of
protection cards I got the same with the double cards: Assault/battery.
The slash / is not permitted. In my folder, I delete the : and replace
the / by a dash -.
Can we have in MTG a "card art validator" chnaging the special character?

Otherwise, good works Guys

Card Art Naming Convention

Postby gaddlord » Tue Oct 12, 2004 2:56 pm

Card Art Naming Convention

Some images require different filename from the card name in the database due to restriction of the allowed symbols for valid filename forming on Windows and Linux platforms.

1. The valid filename includes only ASCII symbols.
2. The extension of the card art for the full images is "*.full.jpg"
Optionaly the extension can be "*.full.jpeg". Whenever possible use jpg instead of jpeg.
Only JPEG format is supported.

3. Example of how a card will be named:

Code: Select all
Fork                -> Fork.full.jpg
Demonic Tutor -> Demonic Turor.full.jpg

4. Some cards contain specific symbols such as , ' ! ?
Such as:
Code: Select all
Mine, Mine, Mine! from Unglued edition -> Mine, Mine, Mine!.full.jpg
The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast? Customer Service.full.jpg

These symbols are valid within the filename and must be typed exactly as they are printed on the card.

5. There are three exceptions from the rule 4.:
? Cards containing / (slash) in their card name

Replace the / with - (dash)
Code: Select all
    Fire/Ice -> Fire-Ice.jpg

? Cards containing : (column) in their card name

Skip : (column) in the card name
Code: Select all
    Circle of Protection: Red -> Circle of Protection Red.jpg

? Cards containing " (quotes) in their card name

Skip " (quotes) in the card name
Code: Select all
    Pang Tong "Young Phoenix" -> Pang Tong Young Phoenix.full.jpg
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Postby Guest » Thu Oct 14, 2004 6:29 pm


Your software looks really awsome. I really like the deck analysis tools. It was _exactly_ what I was looking for when I searched google to find it.

I use another application called MTGPlay. MTGPlay allows you to play CCGs (mainly magic) online. It also has a built in tool to help spread card art around between opposing players. This has assured that most all MTGPlay users have all the card art.

When I first stumbled on your program, I thought how awsome it would be if they could share the same directory of images. However, the naming scheme for MTGPlay is a bit different than that of MTG Studio. MTGPlay has assigned a unique number to each card based on the date release of the set, and the cards unique number in the set.

It would be ideal if one of the two programs could adopt the others naming scheme. I'm proposing the same on the MTGPlay forums, however it might not go over as well (since they use the numbering system to avoid problems that you are describing here in this thread).

If nothing else, thanks for the consideration :) have a nice day

MTG Play naming convention support

Postby gaddlord » Fri Oct 15, 2004 8:57 am

I totally agree about the idea of "cross-application" support.
The cross-application support can be implemented on many different levels:
? support of different file formats (decks, inventories, pricelists,etc.) Currently MTG Studio supports all available deck formats except for the Appentice binary format
? support of different card art naming conventions. The next versions of MTG Studio will support unique Search Engine which will allow user-defined templates for searching by different card-art criteria.

* MTG Studio card art naming convention
* Magic Workstation card art
* Magic Library card art
* MTG Play card art
* Magic Suitcase card art

and direct download from Web Sites such as

The second step is to make a standard for the whole file formats and naming conventions and all independant vendors to agree using the new file format. Unfortunatelly most of the software vendors (especially the shareware ones) would not agree to migrate to new file format.

It is strange IMHO that Wizards of the Coast are very unwilling to share their know-how. I think these standards and the card database must available to the independant software developers. This will only boost the MTG software developers to create more standartized and reliable software. :idea:
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