Suggestion/Help: filter out colour

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Suggestion/Help: filter out colour

Postby PhoenixPaw » Wed Aug 25, 2004 5:13 am


I had this generally wonderful tool for a few days, and it is just what I need... beside one thing.
I don't seem to be able to filter out all cards that contain any one colour.
Perhaps it is possible with the filter-tool, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do it.

So, my suggestion is: add the function or please post a tutorial how to do it.

Thanks for a wonderful product, and thanks in advance for "listening".

Postby me again » Wed Aug 25, 2004 5:58 am

To clear things up a little...

I mainly play with "Green", "Green and White", "Red and Green" or "Red, Green and White" decks (with some artifacts thrown in for good measure every now and then).
What I would like is one filter that will hide all cards that have Black and blUe (and one to also filter out Red) mana in their casting costs, but keep all other cards, even those who are Multicoloured.

I'm probably just stupid being unable how to configure the custom filters right...
me again

Filter by Color

Postby gaddlord » Thu Aug 26, 2004 1:58 am

Current filters are not so "user-friendly". Yo still can do a "red/white/multiclor" filter by clicking on the drop down arrow of the Color column and select Customize. A dialog for custom filtering appears (named Custom Filter):
Configure the dialog if the following way:

equals R
equals W

Press the OK button.

Now only the cards which are :w: or :r: appear.

If you want to be able also to view the multicolor cards which have :w: or :r: in their casting cost you should do the following
1. In the footer of the cards grid a gray area appears (after aplying the steps mentioned above) which says ((Colors equal R) or (Colors equals W)). On the right side of that panel a "Customize" button is available.
Press the customize button and "Filter Builder" dialog should appear.

Rress the button which has the caption "Press the button to add new condition". The name of the button is self-explanatory enough. A new row for condition input will appear. The green field is a combo box for choosing which column shall be filtered. Select "Color" item from the combo box. The red column is the condition type. Possible conditions are equals/does not equals/like/etc. Select the "like" item from the combo box. Selecting like means that you will filter the value of the column by a pattern. The pattern may include wildcards:
? - 0 or 1 occurance of any symbol. Example: M?crosoft will match Microsoft and Macrosoft but wil not match Maicrosoft.
* - 0 or more occurances of any symbol. Example: M*crosoft will match Microsoft, Macrosoft, Maicrosoft but will not match Microsoft1

The pattern for matching multicolor cards which have :r: in the mana cost will be "*R*". This will match WRG and WURG.

Add another pattern "*W*" for all cards with White in the casting cost.

Press OK button to apply the filter criteria.

NOTE: The next comming version 0.5.4 wil have extended filters which are configured with simple clicks on the user interface without the need for building the filter criteria manually (as described above).
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Postby PhoenixPaw_again » Thu Aug 26, 2004 6:09 am


I would have logged in but I'm still waiting for the account-verification email. Maybe Hotmail decided it was junk? Oh well.

And yes, I'm an idiot. I should have at least have tried using wildcards (and I know what they are and how they work, having learned how to handle ms-dos 6.x once upon a time). Thanks for having taken the time with someone who just didn't think

After some testing I found a "cleaner" way to write the filter(s) I was after.
Filter: AND <root>
... cost not_like *U*
... cost not_like *B*
... cost not_like *G*

That will filter out cards that require any blue, black or green mana. Which was the kind of filtering I was after. (Although, the colours most oftenly filtered will be Blue, Black and Red...)
It is easy to change it too.

However, Drudge Skeletons... it's listed as black, and in the description says it costs 1B, but still isn't filtered out since the database have it's casting cost as <blank>.

Thanks again for a great product.

Filter by Color

Postby gaddlord » Fri Aug 27, 2004 1:53 am

I would have logged in but I'm still waiting for the account-verification email.

Can you please try to register from another account. I myself also had problems with Hotmail. You can register from another email account and later set your options back to

Thanks for having taken the time with someone who just didn't think.

It is not your fault. These filters are not user friendly. You will use them with ease but most of the neebies will not cope.
The new version 0.5.4 has much more intelligent way to Filter Cards by
Format, Edition, Legality, Text, Flavor, Artist, Color, Rarity, Card Type, Power, Toughness, Converted Mana Cost (CMC) even Abilities. ;)
The new version will be available in few days. If you wish I can send you a screenshot of the new filters by email - send a request to with Subject "0.5.4 Filters".

Drudge Skeletons casting cost is <blank>

Fixed in 0.5.4 :wink:

Thanks again for a great product.

You are welcome. :P
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