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Custom categories and category summary

Postby Setherial » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:33 am


I haven't really made any feature requests in the years I've been using mtg studio as I think it's quite good as it is but this one would be increadibly useful to me:

I wish to be able to create custom categories like
- Carddraw
- boardsweepers
- spot removal
- utility creatures
- beatdown creatures
- land

Then when adding cards to a deck I wish to be able to assign multiple categories to each card (and have mtgstudio store these links for future decks so I don't have to reassign each time I make a deck)

For instance I could categorize a card like Solemn Simulacrum as Utility creature, land fix and card draw

A card like Etched Oracle I would categorize as card draw and beatdown creature

A card like blightning would fall into the categories direct damage and discard

Then when all this is done I would like to see a summary (possibly in the statistics dialog) of each category and the percentage of cards that fall into each category.

Carddraw: 30%
Land: 37%
Beatdown: Creatures 10%
Board Sweep: 10%

These percentages will obviously not sum up to 100 as cards fall under multiple categories.

The use of this overview is much like the use of a manacurve. It's yet another way to look at a deck and see what areas you've covered. This type of analysis is very important when making big multiplayer decks like 100 card Elder dragon highlander decks and or other big decks where it gets very hard to see the big picture.

As EDH has become increasingly more popular over the last few years (it's even been added to Magic Online) I think a feature like this will seperate mtg studio from other deck building tools and add serious value that other do not.



PS: I'm always willing to help with the analysis of this project (I'm a pro software engineer, I'm sure we speak the same lingo ;)
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