Have an Undo Window / Difference Tracker

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Have an Undo Window / Difference Tracker

Postby Azul » Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:14 pm

I would like it if there was a window you could bring up that would keep track of changes you made to a deck since it was last opened/saved.

Have the window broken up into 2 sections: Cards Added, and Cards Removed.

Cards Added
1 Black Knight
1 White Knight

Cards Removed
1 Silver Knight

In addition this window could be used as a way to undo changes. You could double click Black Knight to remove it from the deck, or double click Silver Knight to add it back to the deck.

In order to avoid confusion a card that is "undone" should not be added back to that window. If I had a Silver Knight in the deck originally, removed it but then added it back in again it shouldn't have the card in Cards Added and in Card Removed. It should just not appear at all. That way I can see the total change to my deck since I opened it. I will be able to tell that I added 2 cards to the deck and removed one for that session.
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