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Create deck from collection

Postby DaNille » Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:30 am


I'm a new User of MTG Studio and have some questions about creating a deck from collection.

Is it possible to put a card from the collection to a deck via a doubleclick? He is always asking me if i want to remove the clicked card from my collection.

If I put a card from the collection in a deck then would it be nice if the quantity in the collection view decreased and if it is zero the card vanished completely. So i can only add cards I own. If I want to add cards I didn't own then can take them from the entire pool.

Now it would be very cool if i could see in the deck which cards i own and which not. (Maybe Green = available; Yellow = Available but not enough; Red = Not available)

In this context it would also be cool if the cards in a deck are grouped by name independent from the edition.

Maybe some described functions are already available?!?

Thx and greetz

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