Esper Control Deck Advice

Suggest improvements and features you'd like to see in MTG Studio while creating and editing my deck...

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Esper Control Deck Advice

Postby wolfy2671 » Mon May 25, 2009 11:10 pm

Hey everyone....

im new to that game been playing for about 5 months and i have bought alot of cards. i am looking for advice on this deck i have created. Please if its no good let me know again im new to deck building.

i attached a copy of my decklist here for all to see.

Soul Manipulation 3 0 ARB M Instant C 1UB
Offering to Asha 4 0 ARB M Instant C 2WU
Crystallization 4 0 ARB M Enchantment — Aura C (G/U)W
Unbender Tine 1 0 ARB M Artifact U 2WU
Wall of Denial 3 0 ARB M Creature — Wall U 1WU 0/8
Brilliant Ultimatum 1 0 ALA M Sorcery R WWUUUBB
Tidehollow Strix 2 0 ALA M Artifact Creature — Bird C UB 2/1
Cathartic Adept 3 0 ALA U Creature — Human Wizard C U 1/1
Esperzoa 3 0 CON U Artifact Creature — Jellyfish U 2U 4/3
Sphinx Summoner 1 0 CON M Artifact Creature — Sphinx R 3UB 3/3
Master Transmuter 1 0 CON U Artifact Creature — Human Artificer R 3U 1/2
Inkwell Leviathan 2 0 CON U Artifact Creature — Leviathan R 7UU 7/11
Vivid Creek 3 0 LRW L Land U
Esper Panorama 2 0 ALA L Land C
Arcane Sanctum 3 0 ALA L Land U
Mistvein Borderpost 2 0 ARB M Artifact C 1UB
Plains 3 0 DVD L Basic Land — Plains C
Island (4) 5 0 JVC L Basic Land — Island C
Swamp (1) 2 0 ALA L Basic Land — Swamp C
Traumatic Visions 2 0 CON U Instant C 3UU
Unsummon 3 0 CON U Instant C U
Skill Borrower 1 0 ALA U Artifact Creature — Human Wizard R 2U 1/3
Hindering Light 2 0 ALA M Instant C WU
Cancel 4 0 ALA U Instant C 1UU
Lands: 18, Spells: 26, Creatures: 16 60 0

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Postby Scytale » Tue May 26, 2009 4:44 am

This forum is about the Deck editing abilities of the MTGS software. If you want deck building advice I would sincerely recommend going to:
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Postby gaddlord » Tue May 26, 2009 4:18 pm

wolfy2671 be very welcome on the MTG Studio boat. Scytale is right that this section is mostly dedicated to MTG Studio software.

The link suggested by Scytale is quite good. On you can find lots of useful stuff starting from decks discussions, rules advises and tons of Magic articles. Good luck. :wink:
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